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the greatest server

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by bruhian, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Now we all know that mineplex has dropped in players but to me it seems like mineplex doesn't care anymore. Take this for instance the last time we saw a game update was in easter around 3 months ago. I saw that mineplex changed the hub but besides that, what i recall is that mineplex hasn't been trying new things or maybe its that their dev team is taking a break. It was just 4th of july and they weren't even able to open the freedom chests. The spring chests are still here. Look mineplex I know this server has potential to become at the top like it once was but the fact that the server isn't seeing much improvement or change, is mainly the reason why people keep talking bad about it. Recently AlexTheCoder one of the best developers left and so did one of the owners AppleG and they didn't make it public on why the left. Looks to me like there might be something BTS that Mineplex is hiding from there community. And now Mineplex is back at 1-2k players and its not looking good. If you say that the staff team and everyone is doing there best and working hard I think Mineplex wouldn't be hated so much and the server wouldn't be averaging 1-2k players a day while hypixel is at 75k. All I'm saying is MAKE A CHANGE.

    Unless Mineplex is working on something like a skyblock which I think may be the case or they are about to release something really big to attract more players I don't see this server improving, instead if this continues Mineplex java may have to eventually shut down due to its loss in player count and money. I understand that Mineplex has done a good job on the bedrock servers but why are they putting more attention to bedrock when its java that in the first place got them to where it all started. And all the requests to bring back old games or to make different changes just get unheard or put aside. If anything a staff member just ends up locking the thread so people won't give more ideas. If the reason for not implementing new games or fixing bugs is because of devs then possibly give devs a raise so good devs from other servers may want to help. Mineplex this may be the last chance you have before you server dies for good. Everyone is at home and who knows when coronavirus will end. This is your time to bring the hype back to Mineplex and be the best server like you once were. I know these ideas are old but maybe try bringing back old games for a bit or UHC or CS like many players from the community have begged. You release this and I guarantee you that Mineplex will go from 1k-5k+. As a community member I would love to see the owners as well try and interact more with the community. I swear after chiss left I don't remember ever seeing or hearing from a OWNER anything. I understand its all BTS but community members like me really want this server to come back and better.

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    Posted Jul 5, 2020
  2. Agree.
    Posted Jul 5, 2020
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  3. I agree that Mineplex has to step it up. This server isn't going anywhere unless some changes happen. Mineplex is probably working on a new game now, but I still think that bringing back CS or UHC will bring in more players than any game than can come up with.
    Posted Jul 5, 2020
  4. Actually, Alex’s leave was made public, at least to an extent. If you’re curious, he left simply to move on with his life. He got a job at a startup and decided it was a better path for him to be on, nothing more.

    I assume the reason Bedrock gets more attention is due to its popularity in comparison to Java. Java had its chance and with Bedrock thriving, it completely makes sense for a focus to be on it. Java of course still needs attention and I agree with you, but realistically if Bedrock is already doing well, focusing on it is the better idea.

    There likely is a lot of work behind the scenes, as you mentioned, so I doubt Java is being ignored, but you are right that the updates are lacking. There aren’t as many developers as there really should be, which would account for this, but updates the community is aware of would be nice as there are still developers. Overall, I can understand what’s going on, but I agree that there likely can be more effort put into it.
    Posted Jul 5, 2020
  5. I completely agree with all that above. However, I just don't think they have the staff team big enough for the job. The server seems to be progressing nowhere anytime soon given the few amount of updates. I believe the server can be good again given that more people apply for the staff team in the next upcoming months. However, waiting too long will just kill the server. Anyways, I'm here before the post gets deleted by a staff member or blocked with a warning on the side. (Part of me wishes I was joking)
    Posted Jul 5, 2020
  6. The reason old games aren't coming back is because they might have bugs that would require more time from the devs. Also what makes you think that releasing old games would bring the player count to 5,000+? The best it would get is about 3k. Just because people want, say, castle siege back, doesn't mean it'll survive a few monthes later. Better to speak with actions than just saying "#BringBackCS" because if the developers do, Castle Siege will die out soon because Hype vs Reality would take place.
    Posted Jul 5, 2020
  7. We both know CS won't die out. The "it will die" problem might seem like a big deal, until you realize our community is bigger than Skywars, Champions, and a vast majority of the Mixed Arcade games. As long as the player count is tweaked so CS only needs 20 players to start, CS will survive for a very long time. Bugs are fixable. Bugs are very common, they are not something that we can always prevent, they are no reason games can't be re-added. Why would CS not survive if it was re-added? You give no reason that CS would die, you just say it will.

    Posted Jul 5, 2020
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  8. I agree 100% my post similar to this got removed for no reason. at this point I'm considering leaving the server
    Posted Jul 6, 2020
  9. In my opinion, Mineplex deserves to die from a lack of player activity, unless they hustle up, listen to the community, and update SSM, and other games that were roughly as popular as SSM was back in 2015 or 2016. The Mineplex developers and staff will neglect their server to death, or make an attempt when it is way too late.

    Some of my threads ive made talking about problems involving SSM, its toxicity, and how to fix it were removed almost immediately and i got warned for "being offensive", the staff genuinely only pretend to have respect for certain people like me. No amount of arguing that staff do have respect will satisfy me, only time and actions will.
    Posted Jul 6, 2020
  10. I get where you are coming from here, but I do think you are being a bit harsh. Don't blame the devs on any server neglect, they don't decide what gets made. The people you should be blaming for bad server decisions is Leadership, and I agree that they need to step it up. SSM and Champions also need balancing updates, so I hope that happens soon. If your threads were deleted for being offensive, they probably were. Though I have heard rumors about staff deleting ideas they don't like, I have never seen this actually happen.
    Posted Jul 6, 2020
  11. If CS were to be tweaked to 20 players to start, the Undead would always win against newbies. Also even with 10k people, only a few lobbies would fill up in the 50 mark. The castle siege community seems big, but I am willing to bet that only 50% would actually continuously play CS if it was brought back. Also in the castle siege mps, its always the same people who play
    Posted Jul 6, 2020
  12. Mineplex is working on a big gamemode or something. Also there is only two developers and they’re sending their income to anti cheat developers from what I heard. Instead of thinking “Updates never drop” think “Let’s make an update the best we can and be positive”
    Posted Jul 6, 2020
  13. 2-3 Years, that excuse has gotten old.
    Posted Jul 6, 2020
  14. CS is not unfair with a 10v10, it some of the maps that are unfair. All of the maps are currently being revamped, so none of them will be unfair. Why would only 50% of the CS community play CS? Even is this is true, our community would still be very large, and bigger than some other games. Also, the CS community would grow a lot if it was added as a main game. It is true that a lot of the same people play in the MPS, but there are new people going into it too. The reason that most new players might not consistently play on the MPS is because they probably don't know it is up every day. This is a problem that wouldn't happen if CS was its own game.
    Posted Jul 6, 2020
  15. :gwen:

    Java/Bedrock really get about the same amount of attention. The schedules for the two platforms are different, and so updates come out at staggered times for them, however one is never ignored in favour of the other. Both should/will continue to be updated. And who knows, maybe a lack of recent updates could be a precursor to something exciting.

    Both CS and UHC were removed due to low player counts (amongst other issues). Unfortunately there simply isn't the playerbase for 80 person games anymore, and while I did personally enjoy those games, I don't believe they will ever make a return to the network.


    Currently, there are three front-end developers. Mineplex does not have a dedicated anti-cheat developer. As for the last part, I think a positive mindset is the right way to go :).
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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  16. I was just thinking they should add something like skyblock or maybe they should fix their anti cheat I’ve seen a lot of hackers not get alerted
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
  17. Hi!

    I'm going to be super blunt about everything listed below!

    For the hundred millionth time, CS works quite well with a 20 player lobby and our thread is pushing for, should CS be reimplemented, have a starting count at 20 with a hard cap at 50. This would get games going and would drastically reduce the lag at the start of the game.

    Exactly. Remember kids, 50% of 400 is 200... Quick Maths!

    HAHA!! We're all thinking it and this guy just straight up says it!

    But in all seriousness, in my opinion, Mineplex needs to drastically rework their methodology. At this point, game-breaking bugs have become memes. A simple command in nano games, /team, has ended up requiring moderators to issue player punishments because of the fact that it has been around so long. At this point, I don't think it's just to issue punishments for "abusing this bug." It's a command. It's available. People are going to use it. Either remove it or stop punishing players for using it.

    And yes, I am very much aware that the development team is understaffed (even more so now that Alex is gone). With that stated, I genuinely feel like the Network's priorities should be listening to what their community wants. First, start with major bug fixes. For god's sake, get rid of /team as a start. Then, focus on updating / reimplementing game modes that the community is showing genuine interest in and support towards. The SSM community has been requesting an update for literal years at this point. The last SSM update was in January of 2018. There is also an overwhelming amount of support towards reviving Castle Siege. And no, we're not going to "die out" in two months. Our community has been alive since the game's removal in 2018. What's changed is the fact that we're sick of only being able to enjoy our favorite game mode in an MPS and have been for well over two years now. Many prominent community members have banded together to allow us to become organized, but the fact is that none of what we've done would be possible without the support of our communities. Did I mention that StarMiner did a live stream on Sunday? You can check it out in our thread (linked in my signature, by the way). We had issues where the MCS lagged due to 80 players being in one lobby. Additionally, there were dozens of players who couldn't get in because the server was at max capacity (some of our staff were spectating in order to better moderate the server).

    Precisely. Everyone continues to say "cS wIlL dIe OuT!!!" Can someone actually give me evidence that this is true? Oh wait, don't bother. We have a vast array of evidence at our disposal for the contrary.

    I am getting really sick of hearing this. I have never seen this happen, and nobody who claims that it did happen can provide any form of evidence that it actually took place. Either prove your case or stop it.

    Don't get me wrong, I would be the first person to jump at the opportunity of exposing corrupted officials who are genuinely removing forum posts for unjust reasons. But, unless you can give actual evidence, these claims are going to go nowhere.

    Please prove to me that this actually happened. Let me be clear, I am not saying that it could never happen. I am saying that, if this problem is to be fixed, it needs to first be proven.

    Start by giving a name, if you can...

    Click the link in my signature. Read the entire post. Then the replies. Then watch the stream posted on page 12. Then delete your post, because we are speaking with actions.

    I completely agree. It often feels as though there is a gaping disconnect between the community and those who are responsible for the content being pushed onto the Network. Remember how Immortal's features went completely against what the Idea's Team had been previously denying? And though that is very old news, it still validates the claim that there is a disconnect present between the community and its staff team, and those running the show behind the curtain.

    Personally... If I were to see, say, one of the listed Owners on mineplex.com/staff, or a member of leadership reply to threads like these with actual, intelligent and thought out replies, this simple act, I feel, would make the majority of the community at least feel listened to. I know there are people that do listen. But, unfortunately, it simply isn't enough to convince the laymen in Lobby-35.

    This Network's community doesn't exist in one single place. It's not in one Discord. It's not on one website. Hell, it isn't even on one specific server anymore. It's in all of these places. Everywhere. And though it's one thing to tell those in charge "Listen to us more!!" it's another to make the populous feel listened to. Little things can go a long way. Simply having someone up there in leadership or with that fancy Owner tag reply and contribute to these types of discussions can go a long way in making this Network great again...

    And no, there isn't one magical thing that will magically bring the player count up to 5k or even 3k players. The fact is, for this server to continue well into the future, this Network needs transparency. High-ranking individuals need to at least contribute to discussions pertaining to their server. And, unfortunately, until this happens... we're going to be going nowhere any time soon...

    Posted Jul 7, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 7, 2020
  18. Yeah this is simply just not true if you want proof watch the stream we just had on cs also games with 20 to 40 games are just as balanced if not more
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
  19. I think you're 100% wrong about that. If it would only bring 3k players back, then why is it that a certain OTHER server has 50k players currently? Clearly what they're doing right now ain't working for em, might as well try something new. Your input is based off of assumption alone, and the numbers on other servers show that people are still playing minecraft. Hell, the HIVE has more players on at this moment than Mineplex. Like come on, this server refuses to acknowledge the issues it has. It's disappointing and sad.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
  20. Because quite frankly, they're actually getting updates, as well as the amount of variety they provide, and to top it all off, they have more of an influence amongst the playerbase - thanks to the amount of youtubers actively playing there.

    What you said in your post IS true, Mineplex turns a blind eye to what could help it regain some of it's playerbase. I'm not saying that it's a must to bring back things like CS for it to be boosted, but maybe the developers could show that they still do care about the Java version by rolling out updates every now again, like said certain server you're mentioning.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020

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