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the greatest server

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by bruhian, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Hey,

    Last night I spent quite a bit of time posting a reply to this thread; however, there is one thing I feel that I should address directly that I felt that I did not even remotely touch up upon.

    In these threads, many players state claims along the lines of "the staff isn't listening to us."

    What I want to address is this: the Leadership team are staff members; however, not all staff members are a part of the Leadership team. This is also true for Mineplex's development team and production team... and quite literally every other staff team division. I want to focus on these three teams specifically.

    When I took part in my QAT trial stage, one of the things that I attended was a GWEN patch. As I am not a part of this subteam, I am not under an NDA; however, I will be sure not to state any sensitive information.

    What I want to focus on is this: the amount of dedication the individuals behind making the patch that we were testing is astonishing. I remember him explicitly stating the fact that he had stayed up for 20 hours working on this patch... and, even after we tested it, he still wasn't done, as there were patches that needed to be made to the patches.

    Additionally, both he and the members around him could attest to these claims. As a matter of fact, staying up for 20+ hours was and is the norm for this specific individual...

    I did not pass my trial stage, hence why I am not a part of QAT. Additionally, I cannot recall the IGN of the individual who I spoke with. I was only present for about two weeks, which meant that I didn't really get the chance to fully get to know the people running QAT. I intend on reapplying once applications reopen, as I feel that QAT is a great team to be a part of.

    Testing stuff is to identify issues, bugs, etc. etc. that are present within that current state of the given content. And, let me assure you that there are many people who dedicate dozens of hours towards these processes.

    For example, in MTT, we have a quota leaderboard. This serves to add a level of "competition" between various individuals, which, in my opinion, effectively motivates many to attend as many sessions as they can. In May, on the leaderboard, there was a three-way tie for first place. First place had a listed 36 hours and 2 minutes of quota between all three users.

    On the forums, there is a subteam called Ideas Team. Their entire job is to read, process, and contribute to the discussions of the feedback that is sent through the forums.

    There are many different subteams here on Mineplex, many of which are community-based subteams. What this means is you do not need to have a staff rank to apply for them. THIS LINK has all of the applications that you can fill our if you're interested. Additionally, THIS LINK provides a list of all of Mineplex's subteams as well as the members present within them. You can view a user's subteams directly below their profile picture to the left of their forum post. For me, go to the left of this post, directly under my picture, and view the little "badge" below it.

    Do note that some teams have applications only open at certain times. MTT used to always have applications open; however, as the team continued to grow, the need to have applications always opened diminished. As such, @dutty posts an announcement for when MTT applications become reopened.

    This is also true for subteams like the News Letter Program and Quality Assurance Testing. For these teams, keep an eye open on the forums for when applications get reopened. Last time these applications became reopened, the physical application was filled out on a google form (which was not located on the link posted above).

    My point yesterday was not that the staff teams do not listen to us, nor was it that the development teams do not listen to us, nor was it that the owners of the server do not listen to us. I genuinely believe that they do, in fact, make their best effort to listen to this community. My point was that there is a large gap of communication between the community (regular players, community members, moderators, trainees, senior moderators, even administrators) and those who make the final decisions here on the Network (such as Leadership and Production). More specifically, my point dove into the concept that players feel like they aren't being listened to, and that basic steps of simply contributing to these types of threads- as an Owner, or as a developer, or as a member of Leadership or Production- would make the general populous feel listened to. This, in my opinion, will go quite far in, not only maintaining the present community but also quite possibly assisting this Network in gaining new members.

    Posted Jul 7, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 7, 2020
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  2. UHC's failure was due to it being split up into 4 different variants. If they had just kept it as one, it would have lasted a lot longer. If they had kept it as a scheduled event, like they did pre-2015, it would probably still be around today.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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  3. #BLAZELIVESMATTER, i tried using this hashtag to associate all of my forum posts related to SSM with each other, one thread was poorly made and the other went in-depth. The in-depth thread was removed for being offensive even though i provided a solution to what i called "kit racism" and avoided having too many similarities with another movement happening now. Because literally no one else besides me was talking about the "kit racism" problem in SSM, i found it ****ing offensive, especially since i have been silenced for ridiculous durations multiple times before, and every single appeal was denied.

    Like i have said before, the staff are just doing their job, THEY DO IT TOO WELL. The staff will accept reports against me that include the tiniest infractions like "being rude" which basically every person on mineplex actively is, or more common infractions like mistakenly bypassing the filter trying to mock other people for trying to attack your skill over a game.

    You can see on my profile that i have been warned three times, 2 of them were related to the BLAZELIVESMATTER hashtag, One of them was for "spreading hate".
    I cannot find the links to two of those threads.
    Search the hashtag to find the poorly made thread.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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  5. I agree with your points, but Bedrock is actually focused on less then Java. We’ve only had 1 or 2 major updates this entire year, and last year we didn’t have any at all, as far as I remember. I think Mineplex should focus on Bedrock more, as it has 4-5 times the amount of players. I assure you that Java is more focused on the. bedrock, and many people, myself included, have made thread talking about how Bedrock needs improvement. Nevertheless, I agree with your other points.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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  6. i have screenshots, if you have a discord i can send them there if you want
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
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