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The mods do nothing

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by DarkshadowLP, May 21, 2022.

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  1. I've reported a team several days ago and provided evidence yet nothing has happened ever since so I've decided to report them again and it got denied because it was a duplicate. Now why on earth do the mods care enough to deny my duplicate report and not actually look into the original one I sent when there is clear evidence that they were teaming.
    I have the report video here:


    Now clearly you see them teaming yet -snip- does not care about that report but only replies to my duplicate one. What kind of bad joke is that. Another thing absolutely wrong with the server is clearly the mods doing nothing. When I as a player try to report rule-breakers in order to make the server a better place by providing clear video evidence yet the mods don't take any of it seriously or simply don't care then it's no wonder this server is in this dire situation, at least the java edition. You can't tell me that those two aren't teaming but I have to get public attention from this Mineplex forum's community or else they won't do anything at all. I remember having had the same situation with the same mod who never looked into my reports without my shouting at them hundreds of times so that they finally listen and do something. Clearly, there is a lot wrong with their organisation.
    Posted May 21, 2022,
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  2. hey! I'm not a mod, so I might be missing some information. I would recommend reaching out to a mod personally (via private messaging) if you feel your report is being ignored. if you have an issue with a specific mod, I believe there are ways you can report them to their supervisor
    Posted May 21, 2022
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  3. One good reason not to except was because you play on windows mode. In all seriousness it takes time they probably checking if it’s duos or solo. Give it time
    Posted May 21, 2022
  4. Hey, I’m incredibly sorry that you have had some issues with our reporting system and feel as though your report was not handled properly. In the future it is best to message someone on Reports Patrol if you have any questions regarding a report rather than making a thread here and those on RP won’t be able to address you directly. A list of those on Reports Patrol can be found here https://www.mineplex.com/subteams/.

    Please keep in mind that there is a process that those on RP need to follow when handling reports and I can assure you your report will be handled as soon as possible. If you don’t receive a response you can message someone on RP like I mentioned previously.

    Additionally like it has been mentioned above if you have any issues with a staff member you can make a ticket at https://www.mineplex.com/support/ or message their mentor at mineplex.com/staff.

    Seeing as though your concern has been addressed I’ll be locking this thread. If you have any further questions/concerns feel free to message me.
    Thread Locked — Concern Addressed.
    Posted May 21, 2022
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