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The New Update...

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by MadCooper, Jul 1, 2019.


What to do with the new update?

Poll closed Jul 15, 2019.
  1. Keep update

  2. Remove update

  3. Keep only reasonable parts of update

  1. The message below is my personal opinion on the update and you can feel free to disagree with it. The new update brought many new things to Block Hunt and to be honest I do not like most of them. The most obvious change is the new hunter kit. I have tried using the kit and have found that it basically does nothing. The stream of particles hit the hunter and they kept shooting, so the 'taser' hunter should be removed or modified. It is also a slow-moving stream, so if this was an attempt to counterbalance the shocking hider kit it utterly failed.
    The next update is harder to notice until you see it used in game. Instant hider now has a 'sub' ability called smoke bomb. This makes the hider invisible for about 2-4 seconds and will blind the hunter. This needs to be removed. If a hunter is chasing a hider(that is a block using instant hider) if they turn a corner or run into a room they already have the ability to become solid and hidden instantly, where they would be very hard to find(assuming the hunter is not using esp or hitboxes). This makes the 'smoke bomb' just a tool to virtually just annoy hunters.
    The next update is /kill. I like this update. While I am discouraged that they could not fix the glitches where you get stuck on certain blocks(dirt, anvils, lilypads) the /kill ability allows you(as a hunter) to make yourself return to spawn if you are to get stuck. The only reason I would have a problem with this if it was to affect the number of deaths you have in the game. Otherwise,/kill is a great update to BH.
    Also, it used to be that if you were the only hider left and you died, you would get the win and the players that started off as hunters also got a hunter win. However, with the new update, this no longer occurs, only the original hunters get the win and are displayed on the podium. I am fine with all the hunters getting the win and being displayed as winners but the last hider should get the win(in their stats at least) as well, because not only are you competing against the hunters but inevitably the other hiders, because the longer you survive as a hider the more rewards(gems, xp, shards) you get after the game is finished. This part of the update needs to be removed.
    This will be the final complaint unless I find something else. Swapper, Instant, and Infestor hiders all got leather boots protection. I know that most kits already had these but the only enchantment I have a problem with is feather falling. If you are running and you take the chance of jumping from a high place and you do not survive, you had it coming. However, with feather falling three if you jump and survive and the hunter that is chasing does not that is a completely unfair advantage(unless you know how to use leap properly while falling) to the hider.
    If you were able to read through this congrats, this is the end. Reply with your own opinions about the update or any questions, comments and/or concerns about the post above. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'll catch you on the flip side.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
  2. My biggest gripe with this update, is the armor and enchantments. Armor is for fighting, hiders are supposed to AVOID fights. They are supposed to be at a massive disadvantage. The hiders advantage is literally supposed to be that they look like everything else. All this armor is doing is marginally helping the ones that don’t fight, and substantially buffing the ones that do. This is hide and seek. Not some glorified team deathmatch. Escaping a hunter is supposed to be the kind of thing you tell stories about around a campfire, and actually KILLING one? That, is the stuff of ledgends. A true test of wits and skill. As it stands, anyone can rapidly fire 12 arrows, then run around killing every hunter with minimal effort. And now, you want to enable EVERY kit to just run rampant, taking less damage from any source that once posed a threat to them. Seriously, even water, the very thing designed to keep them contained, is NOTHING to them now, ive watched hiders just paddling across the water to the whale tail like it was a pleasantly soothing swim.

    Then you have hiders camping small rooms with plenty of space to avoid tnt, with several hiders, and there is NO way for anyone to get there, the only thing we could do is try to shoot through the holes in the floor, and now you have made pretty much the only effective means of harming them, less effective.

    This update wasn’t about balance, it was about making the hiders as indestructible as they could possibly get away with, because people dont want hide and seek, they want a team deathmatch.
    There are plenty of games that offer that sort of thing, why must this be one too?

    Dont let a childhood game of hide and seek with a twist, turn into something it isn’t supposed to be.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
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  3. I agree completely with everything you said. Glad to see some of the vets speaking out,
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 1, 2019
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  4. Gonna be honest here, Mineplex you need to stop worrying about the newer players and their skill being that no matter the new stuff you give noobs to help them we'll always find a way to adapt and get another step ahead. I absolutely despise the idea of a shocking hunter. The idea of role reversal in BH is just ludicrous and should not exist especially the way you've done it. You took off great with the game but now that you've had your time in the clouds you're falling down only to splat flat on your face into the player base. I personally don't care that you think the new players can be helped because again, we always will remain the superior.

    PS: Psych's correct in that hide and seek should not be DM, but I do enjoy being able to shred hunters so if you want to get rid of the hider positives, you can take away the axe damage but do not remove the speed ^_^
    Posted Jul 1, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 14, 2019
  5. tbh my only complaint about the update is that the taser is so...bad. It's slow and has like a 20 second recharge (which would be fair, if it wasn't slow). It also has relatively short range. I have yet to get hit by one, so I can't really vouch for how well it works either. imo they should have just made the taser like static from champions (with the taser abilities instead of the damage).

    I like smoke bomb immensely, as this gives hiders a tool to escape once found as well as giving a counter balance for adding taser to the hunters. imo if you are last hider and still die before the round is over, you didn't win, you were the last to lose. So that change is fine with me. Also as someone who sometimes uses infestor, thank god that they got rid of afk timer for hiders.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 1, 2019
  6. I completely agree with everything you said. The taser kit travels way too slow and whats more is that you need to hit the props exact hitbox, unlike archery where you have the full two blocks.

    The afk timer was annoying when you would infest into a spot you couldn't get out.
    The map change to Riverwood was nice, because they lilly pads are gone.

    Smoke Bombs seem fair, as it helps you escape, and brings in the "hiding" element. As for Feather Falling, that is only on one kit, which is Instant. Keep in mind that Shocking Hider has 0 armor.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
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  7. The main issue I find with the taser is that it is particle-based. These attacks are incredibly hard to aim, especially against the small hitbox of chickens. Being shocked by any hider makes it almost impossible to aim too. I personally think that the taser ability should be given to the bow where firing an arrow (with a charge time similar to ssm's skeleton barrage) would fire an arrow with the taser ability. This would make it more intuitive and would allow one to aim easier.

    I believe that the small amount of armour given to the non-shocker classes is fair, as it gives them a chance in ranged combat as opposed to shocker's chance in melee combat. However, I agree with Cooper in that the feather falling does not fit the spirit of the game. You should not be able to fall from large distances as a hider without dying, as being at a higher level already gave you an advantage in that you could shoot hunters trying to reach you. Falling should be the risk that you have to take in order to gain this advantage.

    Lowering with the water damage also seems like a bad idea. Hiders had to be careful around water, but now they can swim through it freely.

    I also feel like the last hider alive should still receive a win. This is for scoreboard consistency. Any win gotten up until this point could have been a "last-hider" win as opposed to a "survived-the-match" win. This means that it was easier to gain wins for the scoreboard before this update. Since it is far harder to gain wins now, climbing the scoreboard is far harder for people now. This means that those with very few wins are very unlikely to reach the higher ranks of the scoreboard, even if they would have if their hours were before the current update.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 1, 2019
  8. Just to correct some misconceptions, any abilities that are projectiles have an invisible hitbox and is not always the visual. Matching the visual is the best, but the hitbox of the ability is not always the visual. The particles have no effect and are just aesthetics.

    I haven’t played the new kit yet, so I could be wrong, but every other ability in Mineplex that has custom projectiles always uses the player’s hitbox. So I suspect that would also apply for this kit too.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
  9. By particle-based attack, i was simply referring to how the attack appears. The particles do seem to closely match their hitbox, which is nice, but it is harder to aim these attacks as opposed to an arrow due to the particles moving when the hitbox does not.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
  10. I don't really play block hunt... so, I really have no opinion on the update.

    Posted Jul 1, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 3, 2019
  11. I agree with this a lot, I really enjoy playing BH but since the update, the game’s felt a bit..off.

    For example, say I’m hunting while showing people how ‘taser’ hunter works, as I show them I find it hard to show them because due to how long the trail takes to hit a hider, they end up leaving. The trail also is very easy to dodge, if a hider were to leave a spot as I were to use the ‘tase’, it’d be a total waist of the ‘tase’ skill, then while chasing a hider, it fulls recharges, I use it, and once again, total miss. This’ll go on for ages until, one, I lose the hider or two, they die. Which could take ages or be short, I have found it normally takes ages to kill them like this.

    Another example, I could be playing some Block Hunt with friends that are hunting while I’m hiding, they’ll ask me to die while I on the other hand, would like to live to get a win. I really dislike how last hider alive wins was removed, I feel like it would be much better to have it re-added because then hunters, and one hider, could get a win. I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone on this because I know a few of my friends (people I play online with) tend to hunt as a main while I hide so it’s hard to decide what to do. We normally work on a, ‘every other game is a win’, where one of us gets a win one round, then the next round, the other wins. This can be fairly annoying due to dying just for a win, that’s not even mine, and just to repeat that every other game.

    Yet another example is for smoke bombs, I do enjoy using smoke bombs sometimes but, it does get annoying as a hunter. Tase Hunter only blinds a hider for, 2 seconds (maybe), while a smoke bomb blinds a hunter for a while AND makes the hider go invisible for a few seconds, I do find this a bit annoying. Instant hiders have boots and smoke bombs? That sounds a little over powered (op), hunter’s don’t get anything like this while hider’s get all this, a bit unfair if you ask me.

    Finally, I want to talk about /kill, I love the command! It’s fun, it works, quick easy kill but, when someone spams it, (yes, I’ve done it before so I do understand why it’s annoying,) the chat gets filled up within a second, just, “<username> was killed using Kill Command” or something similar. When the chat gets spammed with it, it gets a bit irritating, I do enjoy /kill though so, I’d ask for a limit, for example, say you get stuck in a block, then, you may use the kill command, thus, people wouldn’t spam it so much.

    This is all what I think of the new update, I enjoyed writing this so I could say what’s on my mind about it while agreeing with others.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
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  12. I agree that taser kit sucks right now and id vouch for a buff/removal. Maybe making it far easier to aim? Maybe make the stun a bit longer? Both?
    --- Post updated ---
    Making it harder for the opposite team to kill you? I think that's the entire point of a kit. It doesn't just annoy them, it could aid you in escaping.
    --- Post updated ---
    Not sure how long you have been around but the ability for hiders to win if they were the last alive has not been around for a very long time. Before that was introduced (a mistake I believe) hiders lost if they were the last alive as it had been for years since the beginning of the game. You are competing against other hiders? This is a team game. If everyone lasts to the end of the game they all get more rewards, how is this competing? The ability for last hiders alive to win also promotes suicide, ending the game prematurely.
    --- Post updated ---
    The feather falling enchant introduces the narrow chance of surviving a fall from a height that a shocking hider couldn't. This isn't against the game as it is a change that could help you escape, a common trait amongst hiding/stealth games.
    --- Post updated ---
    This is Block Hunt not Hide and Seek. "Substantially buffing the ones that do" the ones that fight usually go shocking hider and shocking hider has no armor.
    --- Post updated ---
    I do believe if they wanted hiders to instantly die they would have put lava instead.
    --- Post updated ---
    Several hiders giving you trouble? Grab a hunter buddy and make it double! I do believe this is a testimony to the ability to coordinate a team effort. This isn't something that Block Hunt is obligated to balance out.... because it isn't unbalanced. Ill give you an example: You coordinate with your hunter buddies and get the same or more amount of hunters to attack the room at the same time... I feel like the hiders wouldn't fare too well, and even if they do... well... I do believe hunters respawn?
    --- Post updated ---
    Players of team deathmatch typically have the same amount of armor/skills and usually both teams have/don't have the ability to respawn.
    --- Post updated ---
    I don't think anyone coming up with taser was under the impression that the purpose of the taser kit was to pander to newer players. I think it was an attempt to counter shocking hider as MadCooper said.
    --- Post updated ---
    Why did you comment then....
    --- Post updated ---
    This is interesting and would make sense like a cap of 5 /kill commands per game or something.
    Posted Jul 2, 2019
  13. - Taser hunter:
    I do agree that it isn’t perfect atm. I also find it rather hard to hit hiders with it, so something might need to be added to make it better. If you don’t like the kit, just don’t play it.
    - Smoke bombs/ feather falling:
    The idea here was to buff the instant hider kit which was never used. Smoke bombs aren’t that op, if the person doesn’t get kills they only get a limited amount of them. For feather falling it’ll just make it so that when they fall off a tree or even a small cliff, they aren’t going to get shot instantly by a hunter. If it turns out to be too op, the level of the feather falling can still be nerfed.
    - Kill command:
    I am indeed aware of the spam it may cause it chat. Yesterday in a changelog of a hotfix it said that they fixed a cool down with it. I haven’t been able to try it but could you check if it’s harder to spam? Otherwise I’m not against being only able to use it 3-5 times.
    -Last hider:
    The win given to them never was an intended feature. It came as a bug around January iirc, and it encouraged the last one to die and they would get a win for it. Imo, you die you lose, and there should not be any circumventing around that. If you ask me it’s a good thing this bug got patched because it made no sense hunters and a hider could win at the same time!
    - Leather boots:
    The aim of leather boots isn’t to affect melee attacks of hunters but rather their arrow shots. A lot of people have voiced concerns about how the hunter’s bow is too deadly. At first they wanted to make it so that it needs 4 shot to kill everyone but I knew this would displease a lot of people. Instead, all hiders but shocking got a bit of protection in an attempt to reduce the damage dealt by bow while not affecting much melee. I haven’t gotten the chance to test that live but I don’t think it will impact that hardly hunters. I’m not sure if the levels of projectile protections are sufficient to require 4 shots to kill them, it’ll probably just not take as much damage from short shots, and thus have the possibly to escape.
    And while I’d agree all hiders haven’t been made for fighting, they all deserve a chance to run away!
    -Water damage:
    Water never was supposed to be something super deadly. The damage had always been weak in the past and that felt normal. Falling in a river definitely needs to weaken you but not kill you within 3 seconds! Quite a few people complained about that as well, so it was decided to change it for the better. I’ve heard of exploits following that, especially regarding the whale tail in pirate. Feel free to report any of these though I believe it’s the only main one!
    - I’m well aware of the problem of campers. I would definitely agree that if a smoke bomb was to be launched while 3 other people attack the hunter, it would be too op. If this happens, we might need to make it so that smoke bombs can’t be launched if there are 2 other hiders within a 10 block radius. Would that be ok for you?

    Sorry if I missed some other points, replying on mobile to long threads is a pain! But thank you for leaving your feedback, it would be nice to tweak stuff around to make it so that everyone can come to an agreement!

    Also, make sure to suggest what could be changed about taser to improve it!
    Posted Jul 2, 2019
  14. just plz fix the baby chicken thing and the water dmg being too slow kthxbye
    Posted Jul 2, 2019
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  15. The baby chicken thing is honestly not that big of a problem to be honest, but still needs to be fixed. I think there's 3 maps with baby chickens. Also the water is damage is fine, I don't know what you're talking about because it's not really fair to die to water if you make a parkour mistake. As @Nicodami said, "Falling in a river definitely needs to weaken you but not kill you within 3 seconds."
    Posted Jul 3, 2019
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  16. As if the regular chicken hotbox wasn't small enough lmao, and ever thought of when you become hider and you want to hunt? Sitting in the water for an extra 20 seconds kinda annoying....
    Posted Jul 3, 2019
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  17. OMG i am both EXCITED and TERRIFIED to see what the update looks like.
    --- Post updated ---
    GOD what has block hunt become
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
  18. More armor is good for hiders to defend against hunters that only bow which is all of them
    Posted Jul 24, 2019
  19. I find that generally shocking was nerfed in comparison to the other two kits' buffs, which does weaken the running killer aspect. I really enjoy that sort of gameplay, it's high-octane action and it's the only way to experience that rush.

    I also think that the other hider kits do need the projectile protection armor. Shocking is the weaker kit defensively but is a beast offensively and therefore is weaker to attacks, especially bows, whereas the other kits are worse offensively but have a defensive buff to make them non-inferior to shocking.

    Instant having smoke bombs is a unique change and I actually kind of prefer it to shocking, it gives a more strategic approach to the fights that you may encounter and how to escape a hunter if found. The smoke bomb change makes it have a place in the hider meta because there was really no point to Instant before the update. I honestly would prefer if the instant change gimmick was taken out of the game completely, since it's a one-use thing and doesn't have any real application in gameplay because if you aren't fighting, you're done the second a hunter finds you and unless you start as the block you want to hide with, you aren't able to apply the instant change gimmick since it doesn't have multiple swaps like Swapper does. If you ARE fighting, you go chicken or pot and are done with it. I would be much more on board with the gimmick being removed and having the name being changed to something like 'Escaper Hider' (horrible name but you get the point).

    Taser Hunter is a terrible achievement kit. The particles travel so slowly it's borderline useless against anything but the hiders that run in a straight line, and in any case your bow will be more useful 100% of the time in that situation since it does more damage. Leaper could catch up to them in that case too. I find that the kit is kind of a liability to balance. In its current state, it's pointless to use it because Leaper is just better at what Taser tries to do. If you buff the particle speed, it'd probably be broken due to the slowness and blindness effect given by it.
    Posted Jul 24, 2019
  20. Doesn't matter what really, once 2 or 3 Lvl 90+ eternals join that cross team when they die or a bunch of dudes with ESPs join the game it pretty much becomes unplayable anyway.
    Posted Aug 3, 2019
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