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The Old Lobby Is Making a Comeback

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Sven, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Phamtastic


    Hey there!

    I am so excited that they are going to bring the old Mineplex lobby back! After been waiting for years, it is time that I have an opportunity to revisit the hub tree again. I remember when I first saw this old lobby back in like 4 years ago. It brings back tons of memories what I did way back in late 2014. Now, I feel like I am the oldest Mineplex player! I am looking forward to bringing the old lobby back!
    Posted Jan 10, 2019
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  2. Enunciated


    I am super excited for the update and hope that you all are as well; the hub tree was something I'm super reminiscent of and I'm glad it's being brought back
    Posted Jan 10, 2019
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  3. That is very cool, I miss playing on Java, and last time I played Java was with the old tree at mid, and a lot of things to do in main lobby. Would be fun if bedrock has that done also, but probably not going to happen. Although there is a big tree that was added for the holidays
    Posted Jan 10, 2019
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  4. SkyswordTK


    I really like the old lobby beeing back, but . . . did it really need to come with /server beeing "removed" again? Sure, technically it still exists but when trying to use it, its telling you: "That server is not expecting you!" One of the greatest things was that you could just join a server a friend was in via /server, even if they were invisible/semi visible and just told you where they were. Or (especially at eu) when no game was running: just check for games to spectate and join (possibly the single one thats running), I personally do not really feel like waiting in a queue in the lobby for ages, spectating is(was?) quite a nice thing. Or joining an empty game so friends can join after you when the party system once again got a "great update". I do not really like that great feature beeing removed, but i would like to know what you guys think about that.

    Edit: Remember the diamond block "Join Instandly"? The queue could be kept and the diamond block linked to that, or a normal click on a game and then a shift click to browse servers.

    2nd Edit: Hey wanna boost the player count shown in a game? If it is SSM or any other game with a teammode or different modes: queue up for all of them, im currently counting as 2 ^^
    --- Post updated ---
    Hey already had 5 different errors and 2 of them caused a disconnect now. Great Uptade as usual for mineplex, and EU is the testing server again . . .
    Posted Jan 11, 2019,
    Last edited Jan 11, 2019
  5. _spacexplorer_


    I'm so excited for this new lobby! Thank you, Mineplex!:mineplex::bt:
    Posted Jan 11, 2019
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  6. Flout


    death tag isn't coming back most likely because it died while it was still a game in the first place, and when it was selected for cow little to no one played it. dragon escape didn't have alot of people on cow either from what i saw. i only saw people playing on paintball consistently in MPS after it was removed. be glad some games are coming back though, mineplex doesn't have to do this for us. i'm grateful af for this
    Posted Jan 11, 2019
  7. x3bood


    The same thing could be said for death tag, we've been hosting death tag only MPSs daily for over a week now, and with a fair number of players everyday (15-30+ players).
    Posted Jan 11, 2019
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  8. cyrs


    for the first time in the past year i've felt excited to actually get on mineplex lol
    Posted Jan 11, 2019
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  9. VqauCreates


    Wow! What a shocker >:) I'm sure
    Posted Jan 11, 2019
  10. AyyDaniel



    Oh my gosh!! I'm so ecstatic about the old lobby coming back! It truly brings out the best of Mineplex and shares some memories!! If more updates like this come out, I might as well go crazy!! It would truly make me feel welcomed back home.
    Posted Jan 11, 2019

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