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Processed These two games should be playable solo in MPS

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by CheeseySF, Dec 27, 2019.


Would this work?

  1. Yes

    15 vote(s)
  2. No (reply why)

    3 vote(s)
  3. Undecided

    0 vote(s)
  4. Some make sense some don't

    1 vote(s)
  1. Hello!

    MPS already has a game able to be played solo (Dragon Escape). Why not have more?

    Monster Maze - Monster Maze is all about getting past the monsters and getting to the safe pad. The game would not change if there were not 16 players.
    Dragons - In Dragons you avoid the dragons. The other players are trying to survive. With one player the game stays the same.

    EDIT: {
    Other games mentioned by replys
    Speed Builders

    It would make sense for some games to get a game timer if played solo. Snake, runner, and dragons would definitely benefit from getting a timer, so players can gage their survival time. Monster Maze and Speed builders already have indicators like stage (MM) and round (SB) so i dont think a timer would be necessary

    Also, a quality of life change: Games that are playable solo should have a lore which says: Can be played solo. This way players would know if they can be played solo. I'm sure not all MPS owners know about this feature, and this would help inform them.

    Let me know what you think!
    Posted Dec 27, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 28, 2019
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  2. I'm not entirely sure about this, and it's mainly because of player interaction. In Dragons, Pyrotechnics will throw sparklers and other players will distract the dragons, so it isn't going to be that much similar to the actual game if played solo.

    Monster Maze could work better, since there aren't too many things affected by players besides snowballs and other repulses, so I think Monster Maze would be fine solo.
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
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  3. Hey, I understand where you are coming from, but this might not be the best idea. These game modes you stated wouldn't really make much sense if played by yourself, especially Dragons. I don't really see how this would work too well as there are too many interactions in this game that need more than one player.

    As for Monster Maze, I do feel like this would work better, as Jaek stated above. Monster Maze is definitely a game meant to be played against players, but I could see how a solo interaction would work since there are different mechanics in this game that could be compatible with solo gameplay.

    Overall, I like where your head is at, although I don't see this making really to much sense. And, if one were to be implemented it would probably make more sense for Monster Maze to be able to be played solo.
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
  4. At the beginning you mention Dragon Escape but then elaborate on Dragons, so I’m guessing you meant to state Dragons originally as this is the game you describe in detail. I find that it is the multiplayer aspects of Dragons that make it enjoyable and there isn’t a reason to play it solo. The game is all about avoiding death all the while trying to overcome the difficulties of other players’ antics, such as the abilities of Pyrotechnics. It is not really a skill you can learn if played on your own. Yeah, you can practice dodging the dragons, though a lot of the time it is the actions of the other players that surprise you and can ultimately lead to your downfall.

    I can see how introducing solo games of Monster Maze in MPS could work, I just don’t foresee too many people taking advantage of this. Are you looking to practice dodging the zombies? You don’t clearly state whether your idea is to improve on your own gameplay or to seek enjoyment. I would be in favor of this idea if players were to use it, but in general I don’t see it proving overly popular. Personally I would prefer to play with others although I can’t vouch for everyone, as I’m sure you have your own reasons.

    You may have accidentally mentioned Dragon Escape at the start but have you taken it into consideration? It is the only game that is fully parkour-based on the server, and parkour is actually quite a large part of Minecraft. It falls into its own category in servers too. People are constantly looking to improve upon their parkour skills so I think it would be beneficial to allow DE to be playable solo. It could also be fun for those who enjoy parkour anyway and do not want to feel the added pressure competitively.

    I like your thinking with the general topic but perhaps look into some of these points! I’m going to remain neutral on this one as it depends on the games you choose in the end that you feel suit your idea best.
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
  5. Hello!

    Actually, an idea to make more games playable alone is actually good and I'd like to see the ability to play Monster Maze and Dragons alone. As we already have some sort of system which can make solo games, so it shouldn't be hard to implement. Additionally, some time ago I've created MPS update document (it basically contains all changes what I want to see on MPS and ideas from forums) and one of the addition there is to let play more games alone. Besides of MM and DR which you mentioned there I also suggested Runner, Snake and Speed Builders (@duckle suggested that). All these games were chosen because you can practice to improve your skill on them and actually play alone to have fun. There are no other games which can work well if we could play them alone, so there nothing can be added to this games list.

    If we want to make the purpose of playing alone on MPS, we can add game time similar which we have now on DE, so players will able to see how long they managed to survive to compete between each other, it's especially for DR and RUN because indicator how long player is managed to survive in MM/SB is amount of rounds in-game and time is not really needed for that. What do you think about game time?
    Posted Dec 28, 2019
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  6. Interesting idea, would love to see it implemented.
    Posted Dec 28, 2019
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  7. I don't really understand the criticisms of this idea thus far. Sure, the games have aspects best designed for multiplayer... but that's not really a negative aspect of a solo mode for MPS's is it? With Dragons especially, sometimes it's just interesting to see how long you can survive by yourself. There's really no harm in this idea, and if anything, players would enjoy the option. I'm sure there are even a few more games a solo mode could be applied to, like maybe Snake?

    EDIT: Evgeen actually brought up Snake before I did, so credit where it's due. I should have read the replies xddd
    Posted Dec 28, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 28, 2019
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  8. Thanks for all the ideas.

    I expected Monster Maze to be accepted as I couldn't develop any counters.

    A lot of people have been mentioning that dragons has a lot of player interaction. Yes, marksman and pyrotechnic exist, but the game in its core doesn't change without 16 players. It is still Dragons v Player

    I have suggested this idea for a couple reasons. The first is that so players can practice the games. In Monster Maze one would practice getting to safe pads and such, and in dragons you would develop spots for survival, and practice kits like marksman and coward. These games also are stuck in mixed arcade, and barely get played. Implementing these games as solo games possibly could help restore their communities, but most importantly give joy to the player.

    Ive seen a lot of nice comments talking about other games too, and I think it makes sense to add them to the thread.

    I have made a few edits to the thread implementing some ideas.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 28, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 28, 2019
  9. Heyo!

    Cool idea, though my opinion is mixed. I don't really see a reason to add Runner, and Dragons to be added to play Solo in MPS as the purpose is to be the last one standing in those games. Those games are about player interaction and to see who will be the last one and win.

    Though I like the idea of it with Speed Builders and Monster Maze. I love Monster Maze and Speed Builders and I would totally go to my MPS to practice building fast and playing Monster Maze because I love that game. I think those two games would be great to add to play solo in your MPS. +0.5

    Posted Dec 29, 2019
  10. Well, it makes sense for dragon escape to be playable solo because then you can practice the parkour. The other games don't make much sense because part of the challenge is it being multiplayer. Some might make sense - like monster maze maybe..? - but even so it's a long shot. I'm not entirely for this idea. The point of most of these games is to be the last one standing, so it being solo just doesn't make sense. 0
    Posted Dec 30, 2019
  11. What everybody else said pretty much sums it up, but what I disagree with is making Snake playable solo. I mean, trying to avoid other snakes is the whole point of the game, so whats the point of playing it solo?! I see how Monster Maze could work, since it's trying to survive as long as possible by getting to the safe pad. Speed Builders seems ok I guess, but the point isn't really to see how many rounds you can go rather than how many rounds you need to play to beat the other person. Same with runner, but Dragons might be fun to see how long you can survive before they eat the entire island. Overall, I'm neutral with most of it, but I don't see Snake as one that has a good reason to be playable solo.
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
  12. I like this idea however I feel like although they would be playable alone, that it would defeat the idea and competitive side of the game. Because the idea of most of these games is to outplay and outlive the other opponents, so although playing alone would help with practising I definitely think it would defeat the idea of the game(s).
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
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  13. Honestly, I'm all for adding all of these. Sometimes when you have no one to play with and you don't want to solo-queue for a real game or just join one in general running Dragon Escape by yourself in an MPS can be fun and I think that broadening the overall selection of games that you could do this with is a great idea to make MPSs more interesting and useful. I think that Dragons, Runner, and Snake would definitely lose a lot of their value when played solo and would probably need, like you mentioned, some sort of timer to keep gameplay limited which is a lot of effort for removed games. I think your other mentions are solid, like monster maze, and would definitely give people some things to do while they're waiting for players in an MPS.

    As far as the QoL change you mentioned goes, I think that this would be handy because I'm sure a lot of people don't know which games are playable solo or not and I'm sure that if more were to be added to this selection it would definitely be useful when it comes to distinguishing between different games.
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
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  14. bruh, the whole point in playing the games on mps is to get better so u can play better in the actual games
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
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  15. Hi!

    I disagree. Yes, Dragon Escape is able to be played solo, but that is to practice your skills. In Monster Maze and Dragons, you are pretty much competing against other players to win. In Monster Maze, you are seeing who can last the longest. Dragons is the same as Monster Maze. Speed Builders would definitely not work. In Speed Builders, you are building as fast and as perfect as you can. If there was a solo version to it, the game would go on forever until you stop it, and that is not the point of the game. Snake will not work either. If you played it solo, it would get boring because all you are doing is going around, eating slimes until you run into a building or hit yourself. In Runner, you are pretty much competing against other players. It would get boring to just run around until you die, right?
    Since I don’t think any of the games would work, I will disagree on the second idea.
    Your third idea I think may be implemented. Just the only downfall is, that if none of the games get allowed to be played solo, is that only Dragon Escape would have it.

    Overall, I don’t see this being implemented besides your third idea.
    Have a good day/night!
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
  16. I really like the idea and I don't see why not. Regardless if these games are multiplayer games, it would still be nice to play them solo and practice. That was sorta the idea with dragon escape in the mps as well. I don't think it would be that hard to implement as well so I hope we see these changes in the future.
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
  17. I'm actually a really big fan of this. Yeah, these games are meant to be played with others, but there's no harm in making it solo. For Monster Maze, it makes sense if you want to be able to practice playing the game but cannot find anyone that will join your MPS/start a queue with you. It would allow players to practice this game without needing to annoy others to get them to go and join them. For Dragons, it's a similar thing. The only thing here is that the game is a lot of luck as to where the dragons will fly to next, so practice, in my opinion, while helpful, is not as important for this gamemode as it is to others.

    The only thing that I would see this needing is a little bit of dev time. Dragon Escape can be played solo because the game does not end when there is only one person; it ends when either a player reaches the end or everyone dies, so the same mechanic applies to the MPS, which allows it to start solo. The games would need to be altered for MPS use, which I do not know if it is possible since it could require reworking how the games in the normal servers work, too.
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
  18. A lot of interesting ideas in here and I did not expect this much attention to the post. Feel free to keep commenting and discussing.

    I want to address some of the comments regarding some of the games.

    Some people have said that we cant add solo versions of these games because it removes their competitive aspect which is said to be a core part of the game, but is it not true that you compete against other players in Dragon Escape? The point this post is so players can play the games whenever, take pleasure, and practice. If you removed players from each of these gamemodes, the goal of the game would not change. In Monster maze you avoid the monsters and try to get to safe pads. In Dragons you hide from dragons. Just because there is no competition between different humans does not mean the game is non-functional. The game Snake is based off snake, the game where you avoid your tail and eat apples. That game is one player, but you can play with 2 players too. In Speed Builders you could practice your builds without getting eliminated. I don't know about Runner, I put it in because it was suggested and sounds like it could work. You could always try to see how long you can stay running?

    True, these games could need some reworking if they were to be able to be done solo and if they are unable to be reworked thats fine, but I think only Speed Builders would have this issue, as most of the other games have the same ending as Dragon Escape of when all the players die.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 31, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 31, 2019
  19. Hey! I like your idea. It would be cool to see games like Dragons, Monster Maze, Runner and Snake able to be played solo inside of an MPS. It would give people something to do if they want to work on their skills or just don't want to play public games and if someone wanted to do an MPS they wouldn't need to worry about advertising to get players in to even start a game.

    However, I see an issue with Speed Builders. Like I've mentioned I like the idea but I don't see how to game would end. Speed Builders is a game meant to be played with other people and I don't see how it would work solo. But, if this could be fixed I would love to see the game being able to play solo.

    I do hope this gets implemented in the future.
    Posted Dec 31, 2019
  20. Hi there!

    I agree with some of your games, like Monster Maze. Monster Maze is meant to be playable with other players and I agree that it may not be to helpful because of the Slowballer kit but not many use that for starters so Monster Maze I don't really see an issue. Snake I see an issue with because if you play snake solo it's pointless, the whole purpose of the game is to run around avoiding players and if there is no players there you're just trying to avoid yourself of the walls. Speed Builders I don't see how this could help because even if you get to study the builds and do them constantly I still don't believe it's enough to have them mastered and there isn't much of a point to that. I'm ok with dragons, dragons I believe would be a good game regardless of the kits in the game since you're trying to avoid the dragons and yes maybe if you were playing with dragons the kit can effect you horribly but I still think you could practice places to go on maps and ways to parkour when most of the map is gone. Runner I'm with speed builders on this one, Runner the point is to run around and avoid the players breaking blocks around you and if there is no players there you're just running from yourself and the blocks you got rid of it. Honestly I agree and disagree with some of these so I'll give this a +0.5 Thanks for hearing me out!

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Jan 2, 2020

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