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This is hopeless

Discussion in 'Speed Builders' started by 8uu, Nov 12, 2018.

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  1. It's official, Mineplex has given up. How they could release this horrendously programmed game is beyond me. The game failing to realize that a player should not be killed in the case of a tie is NOT something that is EVER missed before the release of a game. Mineplex simply does not care anymore. Someone please make a time travel machine so I can rewind to the good days 3 years ago.
    Posted Nov 12, 2018
  2. Heyo!

    As SpeedBuilders is one of our newer Bedrock games there are bound to be bugs found while playing this game. Which you can report over at mineplex.com/bugs but this doesn't sound like a bug more like a misunderstanding. If there is ever a tie within this Minigame it keeps going and going till someone loses which was most likely you. If you still think this was a bug please make a bug report.

    ~ Your Friendly Bedrock Guardian ~​
    Posted Nov 13, 2018
  3. I don’t see how you failed to understand what I was saying. The game SHOULDNT kill someone in the case of an all-way tie, but it DOES. Not only that, but there are seemingly random cases where it is impossible for one player to get a perfect build, while other players can in the same round, and the glitched player can in future rounds. Like I said before, these are NOT things that are missed before the game is released. What I mean by this is that the developers didn’t care and just wanted a short term boost of players, and assumed the players would be willing to wait for the game to be fixed. This did NOT work on the java edition, but actually led to the downfall of Mineplex on java. Again, Mineplex is doomed. The developers and owners simply don’t care anymore.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 13, 2018
  4. As MPGwenGuardian said, you need to create a bug report at https://www.mineplex.com/bugs if you want to alert the Quality Assurance team of the issue. They will then process your report and pass it onto the development team to be fixed as soon as possible.

    Your statement that "Mineplex simply does not care anymore," is not true. There are plenty of people from the leadership team down to the moderation team that care about the well-being of the server. The developers work extremely hard to create new games and fix bugs and games are tested extensively before they are released. However, sometimes issues come up once the game is implemented on the live server that didn't come up in testing servers. There's really not much that can be done about that which is why we continue to fix glitches, as needed, when games are released.

    I think that it is also important to remember that developers don't choose what they want to work on. They are an employee of the Mineplex business and therefore, listen to those higher than them regarding what needs to be worked on. They don't choose when games are released either. They come online, do their work, and that's it.

    Since you've been redirected to the appropriate location to report bugs, I'm going to lock this thread. I apologize for the inconveniences that these issues have caused but putting down the server isn't going to help the situation.

    Thread Locked
    Posted Nov 17, 2018
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