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Thread locking

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by MikuChii, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. I really wish mods would stop being so thread lock happy, I wanna discuss things with people only for it to get locked after 3 mins. I wish they spent their efforts more on the actual server instead of forums, server would improve drastically. Maybe at least give people an hour of grace before locking it, just because you don't like what's being said doesn't mean lock it because it doesn't "promote positive criticism". Not every conversation will be rainbows and kittens, the best criticisms are the ones that are blatant and non sugarcoated. But I'm sure this one will be locked as well or even deleted.
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
  2. It can also be kind of a problem when someone posts an extremely rude comment on the thread and then it gets locked.
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
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  3. like the other day a mod said "this is hacking! if u see any players do this report it here: link"
    then locks it

    and its a Minecraft feature lmao

    java players[staff] dont know bedrock xD
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
  4. Hey,

    I understand your frustrations and complaints, though I disagree with what you’ve said.

    It’s never because a Moderator doesn’t like what’s being said, but instead exactly what the reason states. If a thread is locked for the reason of not promoting a positive discussion, that means that something that was posted was potentially harmful or disrespectful to another member of the community. The point of the forums is to give opinions, make suggestions, or just chat about something in particular. If there’s something on the forums which does none of that, and instead puts something negatively upon staff, a member of the community- anyone, it doesn’t promote a positive discussion meaning it would be locked.

    No, and that’s exactly the reason why Moderation is as strict as it is on the Forums. Without it, it would be somewhere no one would want to stay, and it would be extremely toxic, disrespectful, etc. etc
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
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  5. 99% of the threads being locked nowadays are because the author is ranting about a certain issue regarding Mineplex, just scroll through the sub forums and look at the titles of locked threads. The vast majority of these don't insult any part of the community or staff team and are just begging Mineplex to do something about a certain problem. It's completely frustrating to have a thread highlighting an important issue just get locked because it doesn't provide constructive criticism.

    Take for example this, one of the latest locked threads. Where a staff member replies:

    Is this concern really addressed? All you have is a staff member reporting that something might happen in the future, but those things have been repeated for years. And then they proceed to list some other ineffective solutions to the problem. Nothing really has been addressed and the problem still persists. The problem isn't that Mineplex isn't willing to take feedback, any staff member can argue otherwise, the problem is that Mineplex isn't willing to implement feedback. The owners are perfectly happy where the server is at as long as they are generating enough profit from Immortal subscriptions and the marketplace.

    Ideally, it would be nice to have suggestions in these threads (which some do, regardless they still get locked), but now players don't see a point in doing that whatsoever, because Mineplex isn't implementing basically any ideas. (Keep in mind marking a thread "processed" doesn't implement it). For example, this thread that contains some constructive feedback. This is what the staff team wants right? But there literally is no point in making such a detailed post when the idea has been pitched countless times before, and so players resort to the one sentence post.

    (Same idea posted 2+ years ago marked processed yet still not implemented: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/increase-amplifier-thank-bonus.13567/)

    If the current system of moderators locking threads is clearly not working, players should be able to continue flooding the forums (with good ideas) until leadership decides to do something or become WAY more transparent than they are now, the occasional townhall that spews barely any information isn't cutting it.
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
  6. Forum moderators have very specific guidelines and we're only allowed to lock threads if they meet (or don't meet) certain criteria, it's never based on staff member opinion or feeling.

    Sure, this is a completely valid point of view, but we require that if you're going to criticize something, you also provide a suggestion for how it can be fixed. If someone creates a thread that does nothing but complain, it will likely be locked so we don't have tons of community members joining in on the complaining and not actually taking any steps to suggest ideas to fix the problem.

    Yep that concern looked pretty addressed to me. If the creator of that thread wanted to suggest another method of reporting, they could have done so in their original post. They did not do so, so instead the FM gave them additional information about potential plans to expand /report, and that therefore answered their concern.

    This statement doesn't have much to do with the thread at hand which is discussing the contexts in which threads get locked. Staff members frequent the forums and do different things here depending on what rank or subteam they are on. Community Council members collect ideas and give threads different tags based on whether they have internally approved an idea. FM and FMA members are making sure the forums are safe and beneficial for everyone. No volunteer staff rank can influence what LT decides to actually put resources towards implementing.

    The most common reason for a thread being locked is because it does not follow the forum guidelines, which can be found here: https://www.mineplex.com/rules/#wwwMpTabs-3
    If you see a thread being locked that you truly believe needed to stay open, I recommend contacting a FM member so they can look into what happened.
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
  7. how have u been doing this for like half a year and u still aren’t staff
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  8. It's always a good idea to read over the rules and guidelines, as well as consult a member of forum management, about why certain posts or threads are handled the way they are. The website rules page contains 14 different reasons as to why a thread might be closed. Most of the time people are upset about threads that are about the OP (original poster) leaving the server, where they sometimes explain exactly why they were upset or disappointed but without constructive suggestions + the main point is about them leaving. Those threads cannot really be kept open because they don't bring about productive and healthy discussion, nor do they portrait the server in a good light.

    Regarding the nature of feedback / criticism that you pointed out, it's not that the rules are enforcing positive feedback, but constructive - this means that after elaborating on why something is an issue, the poster also suggests how the issue can be solved. For example, saying that a game kit is OP is alright, but not on its own, because there are many factors that could make it overpowered. Instead, suggesting changes to an ability cooldown, range, damage, all help the feedback collectors, developers and everyone else involved. This prototype of constructive criticism applies to every aspect of the network.

    In short: read over the rules. If you don't agree with them, you are free to suggest changes to them as well.
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  9. Hey,

    I agree that sometimes website moderation staff can be a little hasty in locking threads. However, let me assure you that most of the time this isn't because they want to terminate the discussion at hand; it's more so they're just eager to keep the forums clean and address all the open concerns. This isn't justifying the situations where it happens, but it does tell you there aren't any negative intentions there.

    There are certainly examples where plenty more could have been contributed to a thread before it was locked. If you think about it, though, this is a sacrifice that sometimes has to be made. If things get heated, personal, or off-topic, then the rules have to be enforced. Sure, people might have more to say, but others ruined that for them in their behaviour. The same goes for threads where players are bashing the server without any constructive criticism or suggestions to improve. Players might have suggestions to add in the posts below, but what's more than likely to happen is people will follow the lead of the OP and continue bashing the server in the same non constructive manner. I'm sure you can agree this is what you've seen nine out of ten times on all those threads.

    A thread highlighting an "important issue" getting locked because no constructive criticism was provided is not downplaying the issue at all. It's saying, "We understand and acknowledge this is an issue on the network, but you haven't suggested anything that can be done about it". I'm sure you can also agree that more often than not on these threads, people will follow the lead of the OP and continue to discuss the issue without relaying any feedback or suggestions. Sure, it's healthy to voice your frustration - but what's the point of having the thread open just to keep reiterating it's an issue and something should be done about it? Personally it annoys me when people do this. It's saying, "This is an issue but I can't be bothered to think of anything to do about it, that's not my job, someone else do it". That isn't fair, you have everything you need to put your thinking cap on and you're clearly the one who's frustrated; the onus is on you to at least try come up with something.

    I've seen change happen myself. This is a year old now - time really does fly - but take a look at this thread. There have been inconsistencies with thread locking in the past, I noticed it myself a year ago and decided to make a thread about it. You'll notice that I highlight the issue and then move on to suggesting how to overcome it, despite not even having been a member of the forums team myself at the time. I had access to the rules; that was all I needed to suggest positive change. I don't agree with just leaving it to someone else. Even without that, I provided clear-cut examples of where the issue was happening, which you didn't do in this post claiming the forums team are thread-lock-happy. You need to help the people you hold responsible - in this case, the forums team - properly understand what you're talking about so they actually have a discussion to bring to the table internally.

    Let me alter your statement a little. The best criticisms are the ones that are blatant, non sugarcoated, and bring constructive criticism, feedback, and suggestions to the table. If you create such a thread and the forums team are terminating your discussion, then you have a valid problem and you need to talk to Wanderer or an FM about that.

    However, the thread doesn't fulfill this criteria, then OP is being treated fairly as per the forum guidelines... which it seems they chose to ignore. If they cared about the issue to post about it, why not take the time to ensure they go about it correctly? And similarly, if they care about the issue so much, it shouldn't be any hassle at all to come up with a suggestion to improve, right?
    Posted Apr 10, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 10, 2021
  10. Agreed they lock threads of mine and others all the time because they don’t like the content they’ve also deleted posts of mine and others without any reason given for the because of the same thing it would be nice if the forums meant for discussing things amongst the playerbase was able to be used for discussions and suggestions etc but if staff disagree they just delete or lock regardless of how many people are want to actually have a conversation
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  11. When you say they are locking your thread because they don't like the content, this is making an assumption. Whenever a thread is locked, the forums team member who locked it will make a post stating why the discussion cannot continue to go ahead. You can't really read their intentions behind that because at the end of the day, they're just following their moderation guidelines. To say there's any bad intent beyond enforcing the rules is something you cannot know or be sure of. If you visit the rules and scroll down to "Thread lock/archive reasons", you will almost always find that at least one of those applies to any threads that have been locked.

    As for posts being deleted, that usually means they were in violation of the rules. Rude/unnecessary comments that do not exactly match the requirements for a warning point worthy offense may be deleted without any other punishment. There are also exceptions in the case where your post may be deleted if the entire post is centered around quoting a deleted/rule-breaking post on the thread. But enough about speculation - if you want to know why, then all you have to do is ask a forums team member.

    If you find yourself in the uncommon situation that your thread was locked and it doesn't fit any of those reasons in he list linked above, then you should contact Wanderer if it was a Forum Manager who locked the thread or an FM if it was an FMA who locked it. A list of them can be found at https://www.mineplex.com/staff.
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  12. Well it’s happened to me and others where threads are locked particularly any having to do with problems in survival and/or what players do and don’t want in the future and if it disagrees with the plan it’s locked with reasoning that really makes no sense and doesn’t warrant locking like saying there isn’t a discussion to be had despite people posting and doing just that boom locked and as for deleted posts the ones where this problem occurs leave me wanting nothing more than to ask why but I’ve had post deleted without any reason given, no mods name to contact, and no notification just gone from a thread where previously they were there and all of this is happening to others as well that’s why this thread we are in now exists isn’t it? There is a problem here
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
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  13. When you create a thread that you intend to be for discussion but all it does is complain about a feature on the server without any sort of solution, your thread will be locked. You are perfectly allowed to create threads about things you don't like about the server, as long as you portray your argument in a respectful, constructive manner with possible solutions in mind. We don't lock threads simply because we disagree with them, that is not allowed on our part and is a very common misconception. Threads like those are usually locked because the criticisms provided weren't all that constructive. The forums are here for constructive discussion and we simply can't leave threads open that are just complaining about something without any solutions offered.

    If you are ever confused as to why your thread was locked (the reasoning not being clear to you, you disagree with the lock reason, etc) you are more than welcome to message the staff member who locked your thread, and they will be more than happy to clear things up for you. Or, if you feel your thread was locked unfairly, you can contact Wanderer, the forums admin, and he will deal with the situation or provide you with reasoning as to why your thread was locked. The same thing goes for thread deletions - as forums team members we should be notifying you why your thread/post was deleted, and if you do not receive any reason, you can contact a forums team member. We don't delete posts for no reason - if the post doesn't really contribute towards the discussion, if it's breaking any rules, etc. You can read more about forum moderations on the rules page.

    I'm sorry to hear that you think your forum posts/threads are being locked/deleted without reason - we try to be as clear as possible when making those moderations, so again, if you feel your post was removed or locked without any reason, you're welcome to message a forums team member.
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  14. There can be people trying to discuss these topics but then it gets locked that’s the reason op posted here and we aren’t the only ones and they weren’t innapropriate or rude or anything like that just making suggestions for what we’d like and what we don’t like currently and again I’d love to ask about the deleted posts but I get no notification or reason for deletion with a mods name to ask anything like that if I didn’t happen to look back in the same threads I wouldn’t even know a deletion occurred these are deleted posts that I have no way to track down who deleted them they’re just removed without a word, warning or anything
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  15. I definitely agree with this since I've seen staff posting blatantly wrong information then locking the thread which helps nobody

    Posted Apr 10, 2021,
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  16. Anything for that quick post boosting then locking it so one one gets points
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
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  17. Can you be more specific as to when this is happening and who is doing it? It seems the finger is still pointed at forums team when they generally aren't the ones handling the feedback threads you're speaking about. If someone is highlighting an issue on Mineplex without being inappropriate or rude, and they suggest something, then the suggestion should automatically become something that is handled by the Ideas Team / Game Insights or whoever is responsible for processing what was suggested. If the thread is centered around the idea, it should be moved to the appropriate ideas section of the forums by a forums team member and that should be the only role they play (apart from moderating the replies to the thread and whatnot).

    If you encounter any further instances where this protocol was not followed, i.e. the thread was constructive and contained a suggestion which was ignored and instead was locked by a forums team member, then please do go ahead and contact whoever is responsible for that Moderator. Take a look at this document to see the mentors and managers of forums team members. However, you must bear in mind the suggestion must be made clear just like anything you'd find in discussion over in the ideas section if it is to be treated like one.

    As for being unsure to why a thread/post was deleted, you should have received an alert explaining why if you were the OP. If not, message a forums team member. Most of the people who claim they have no idea why their content was removed are the ones who didn't try to ask. If you really do want clarity, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to find out, but staff are very easily accessible through the forums and Discord so it shouldn't occupy too much of your time.
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
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  18. Well, I'm happy to see that this hasn't been locked yet. There are some locked threads that are pretty interesting to read over, and I'm a bit upset that I'm not able to reply and add my 2 cents, because I actually have some insightful information that hasn't been said before. Sometimes I think that even after it says "concern addressed," it hasn't been addressed completely, because if you read replies from before it got locked, there are still some opposing viewpoints, which is common in threads seeking out opinions from others. In that case, I feel like the concern can't be truly addressed. Some players just want to discuss what they think about parts of the server, but I can see why mods lock threads. If it seems like the OP is complaining for no reason, or like the thread might start an argument, then they will lock it because they don't want any tension.

    I know it's hard, but if you wanna talk about something that irritates you, try to do it in the most passive way possible. Don't call anyone out and don't try to sound like you're complaining or angry at it. I've seen a few threads where they were able to challenge Mineplex successfully and get their point across, and the thread didn't get locked, even though its contents are controversial.

    So I think that a lot of it has to do with how you conduct yourself when you're writing and how you choose to convey your message.
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
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  19. there is not a sugarcoated way to say 'This server has the worst anti cheat i have ever seen and they give basic bland reasons to good questions and nobody high up does anything ever.'
    this is saying that they dont accept criticism, they remove it. that is a terribly way to do things, but look at the updates, etc. they like the terribly ways to work
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
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  20. We DO accept criticism. Without criticism, nothing will ever get done. There would be little use to the forums if we straightup did not allow criticism of any kind, and that is objectively a poor way of running things. It is a very common misconception that staff members remove any type of criticism they see.

    If you write a forum post saying "this anti cheat is the worst I've ever seen, the staff don't do anything, this server is corrupt, blah blah blah" then the thread will be locked. In this situation there are no solutions being offered; the OP is simply complaining about features they don't like. The forums are meant for constructive discussion, in which players don't incessantly complain without offering any solutions. If your thread just complains about a certain feature, without offering any constructive feedback, it will be locked, simple as that. If you worded the thread like so:

    "The anti cheat is pretty bad, but here are some ways to fix it:

    1) Solution #1
    2) Solution #2"

    And so on. This type of thread we do not lock because it is offering ways that the anticheat can be improved. With your comment about the updates, what are some ways that you think they could be improved? You could create a thread outlining your irks about the updates and you could offer ways to amend them. That type of thing is perfectly acceptable, we always love hearing player feedback. You just need to present that feedback in a constructive manner.
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
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