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To all SSM Creeper mains

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by james610, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. If you're a Creeper main how do you attempt to fight Spider and Wolf?

    I know they're slightly overpowered classes, mainly Spider, but surely there's a way to combat them with Creeper (a decent kit in itself and the only one I use anyway)? I was almost going to make a rant thread about those kits but I figured it's probably better to actually learn to beat them rather than whine about it.

    Creeper can struggle against Zombie and Skele too but I learned ways of countering them. I have yet to find an effective strategy to take on good Wolves and Spiders.
    Posted Mar 1, 2019
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  2. Hit every single Sulphur Bomb or you’re dead.
    Posted Mar 1, 2019
  3. What i would do is use a bait and switch strategy where you would jump accross a hole in the map, use sulpher bomb and hope they fall into the hole. Because their jumps are very reactionary in that they have to look where they want to jump, a bait and switch strategy could be useful against those classes.
    Posted Mar 1, 2019
  4. Never use explode to chase either, it'll give them a free hit to halt your movement.
    Posted Mar 1, 2019
  5. Doge the enemys attacks
    Posted Mar 1, 2019
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  6. :squint:
    Posted Mar 2, 2019
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  7. Creeper actually has a pretty decent advantage against wolf. Wolf's classic cub into melee combo is countered by LS, and so is strike + melee if wolf doesn't manage to get the timing perfectly. You can block attempts to strike with SB, and overall just most approach options with SB. Wolf is kinda forced to mostly pure melee creeper, waiting for the SB to come, dodge it and get some hits in before retreating. Honestly all you have to try to do against wolf is save SB for when they're trying to approach, and explode if they do manage to get close to you to force a retreat or they take massive damage.

    Against spider the matchup is much harder, there isn't much I can say that's not pretty obvious. If they use needler you can use that to approach and try to melee while having LS, if they web you you can explode when they get close if you miss SB.

    Also, not a creeper main, mostly things I learned watching others play against it, so while I think what I said was fairly accurate not everything might be spot on, maybe actual creeper mains can correct me on what I got wrong.
    Posted Mar 2, 2019,
    Last edited Mar 2, 2019
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  8. kill the player with ur skills
    what this guy said too
    I’m such a helpful person
    Posted Mar 2, 2019
  9. Wolf's best option is to pure melee, that's certainly true. Wolves that attempt to cub tackle me are usually the ones that I can beat handily.

    What I have trouble with, is the wolves that only use melee for inflicting damage, and use both of their other moves for recovery. This is an absolute pain to deal with.

    Essentially, the only way I can win is to land every sulphur bomb on one of the smallest and fastest classes, as @leo_thya stated, and explode in close quarters - they have enough speed to get to safety in time anyway, though.

    Could be viable, again, gotta rely on never missing a shot, and that their pounce is cooling down as they can still use this for recovery if their reactions are fast.

    It's worrying that we've had to come up with a strategy with absolutely no room for error in order to beat Wolf, and yet Spider is even worse than Wolf...
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 2, 2019
  10. To beat wolf: land all your Sulphur Bombs, trade melee.

    It's quite easy to land sulphur bombs on wolf compared to other kits, most have predictable movement because they double jump all the time, often aggressively. Just predict where the wolf will double jump and throw in its path, also aim at just above the wolf's head.

    Never use explode naively above the void, you will get voided by cub tackle (so make sure it's on cool down if you decide to do this).

    You can often predict when the wolf will launch an offence, time explode so that once the wolf has double jumped into you it will be exploded away. You can also use explode to void the wolf if it's trying to recover.

    Don't let the wolf combo you while you are charging explode, use melee to break its ravage or it will out-damage you.

    You can't beat spider.
    Posted Mar 5, 2019
  11. I play Creeper pretty regularly, probably because it's the only kit I'm decent at, and I've figured out some semi good tricks.

    The most obvious one right off the bat is that you really just can't waste Sulphur Bombs. Don't just throw them off in pursuit of a player with no hope of hitting them, because it's really easy to just get destroyed from there. You have to figure out the way they move and be sure you're hitting the person square on. That's also essential for when you're being pursued or are in close combat, because missing Sulphur Bombs means you have to melee, run, or try to Explode in combat, and the latter is never the best option.

    Another trick with Sulphur Bombs is aim. Do your absolute best to get good at hitting people midair, because the knockback is, pun entirely intended, quite explosive. It's pretty easy to get a life off of another player and to take little damage yourself if you're able to catapult them way off the map with no hope of return. It just helps you to gain momentum.

    Use Explode primarily in close combat if you have enough health or as a recovery. Explode in close combat when you're low is really detrimental because it gives your opponent a couple of seconds to destroy your remaining health before you're even able to explode. Using it as a recovery against Spider is rough because of the arrows, though.

    Spider is a tough kit to take on. The above tips all work pretty well with Wolf, because Wolf is so heavily melee at the end and you have LS, but Spider is really hard to take on. The best, and probably stupidest tip I have, is to use knockback to hit them into their own webs and then use Explode. It's kind of hard and very luck based by that's what I always try to do. Try to use the midair Sulphur Bomb trick because while Spider does have a wall climb and the web shoot, there's no countering a hundred blocks off the map knockback.

    At one point, if you're up against a good enough Spider, it kind of comes down to the involvement of the other players in the game. I'm kind of lame, so I try to run by other players to get them engaged, and hope they go after the Spider and not me. If the map is good for this, try to jump/Explode across big distances to force the Spider to use its web shoot and then just knock it into the water/void.
    Posted Mar 5, 2019
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  12. My main is Wolf and Spider in SSM and creeper is the most difficult kit to play against,unless the player has no idea how to use creeper.

    If you do use creeper the tactic against wolf and spider kit is pretty simple,play PASSIVELY,all of the creepers that beat me hit and run away,it is very frustrating cause of the lightning shield cause when I get,they simply get the lightning shield and I can't do anything.

    The tactic against wolf and spider is use sulphur bomb run away,if they use both ability's use explosion or if they try get close,by that time you will have sulphur bomb back and you just repeat the process,this works cause of creepers high regeneration per second.

    On the map desert creeper is straight up broken against all melee kits,stand beside a cactus and when they get close touch a cactus,this will give you the lighting shield and they will not be able to melee you :)

    If they play passively then wait for Smash and they can't do anything cause you can just use explosion and knock them away at the right moment.

    If you want me to teach you how to play Creeper please message me,I think I have you in /f anyways :)
    Posted Mar 5, 2019
  13. You can’t possibly beat a high level spider. It just isn’t possible. If they really want to win they will needler spam and it basically comes down to if the stupid sulphur bomb knockback randomly kills them. If you want any chance at all don’t bother approaching a spider in open areas. Makes it easier to kill you with needler and web.

    Wolf I’d give the same advice. If you can trade these kits in a closed area with explode armor to tank you will definitely win overall just by having that minor edge. Sulphur bombs are just a bonus or if they’re running.
    Posted Mar 5, 2019
  14. It's pretty hard to beat either class with creeper.

    Wolf has low armor so sulfur bombs can drain their health more along with the fact that lighting shield makes it impossible for them to get cub tackles on them. You have to have decent melee aim to avoid getting ravage comboed to death.

    A high level spider might be hard to beat but I don't believe it is impossible. Both needler and spin web activate lightning shield so a spider cannot farm hits through spin web and melee off of a needler combo. Just like wolf they will have to straight on melee more. Spider does have a fairly large hitbox so with good aim you might be able to get some combos but spider has better armor so you got to drain them with sulfur bomb first. Top spiders might then play smart and back off and needled spam so in this case you need to land sulfur bombs, dodge needler, and use the creepers good regen to your advantage. Also, if possible, try to let spider get drained by other kits and try to stay away during the early portion of the game and hope someone else can get some damage on it and try to clean them up. It comes in handy to have at least one more stock than the spider when it comes down to the 1v1
    Posted Mar 5, 2019
  15. The whole point of ssm is to get different kits, creeper is op and can outmatch many classes, but other classes still can outmatch creeper if skilled enough, spiders and wolf (spider mostly) in this scenario, are creeper's weakness.

    Though weakness to spiders is creepers shield, arrows hitting creeper causes the creeper to generate a shield, which disables them from hitting you, again arrows w poison does ALLOTTA damage.

    Again this game is somehow balanced, there cant be an op kit killing everything, otherwise, the game will be boring.
    Posted Mar 6, 2019
  16. I struggle with creeper. It's a good kit due to the KB and damage dealt by the sulfur bomb as well as the shield. Honestly, a half-decent creeper can do a lot of damage, so I end up running or just trying to outplay them. When it comes down to that your best bet is to stay on the spider's tail - don't let them go. You can do that or just camp them out, although that's pretty cheesy.

    Either way, I'd say creepers have the advantage in a fight no matter what with the melee kits (IMO - I might just be bad...)
    Posted Mar 6, 2019,
    Last edited Mar 6, 2019

  17. Very well what Kit do you main?
    Posted Mar 6, 2019
  18. Spider/Wolf/Skelly but mostly spider.
    Also, take note of the bold text at the bottom of my last post. When I reference the fact that I feel creeper has an advantage, I mean in the case of Spider and Wolves themselves.
    Posted Mar 6, 2019
  19. The first and best tip- When that map voting screen comes up, you BETTER pick a tiny map. Mushroom Islands, Tribal Haven, Desert and Glacier are all too small for a wolf to effectively run, so forcing them to confront you by voting those maps is key. Then, it's just about hitting bombs to fling them back. Abuse your higher regen+high knockback, and once they're low then you can start going aggro, just try to save explode for when you're caught in a tackle or web and time it right for when the shield wears off.
    Posted Mar 6, 2019
  20. Hey james610,
    I've read your problem and I think I may have a solution;
    When at any time you come across a spider you most likely should do the following:
    1) Pray for hope [Because why not?] Not a really serious answer. Sorry :(
    2) Spam your primary button on your mouse (Left click or right click) This works because minecraft spiders have a big body area and you are more likely to hit their body. Make sure, If you do this, you attack from the behind since the bigger body area is at the behind of the spider...
    3) Once you complete fully step 2, and they are still on decent health make sure you you get them close to the edge of the map and finish the job off with a Sulphur Bomb. If this did not help then be sure to read the other replies on your problem. Thanks for giving me something to help with...

    P.S Sorry for the 8 day-late reply but again thanks for giving me something to help with... Hope you sort it out soon...
    Posted Mar 9, 2019

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