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Top Kills

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by FluteVegetables, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. *Important: Player IDs don’t work atm so I cannot update this.
    I’m this thread, I will be displaying the top 10 kill counts for bedrock edition. Due note that I was unable to find the stats of #9 and #7on the BH leaderboards (bedrock). If you know someone who is friends with them or you’re one of those 2 and would like to have your kills added to this list, shoot me a friend request on mineplex and PM me.

    Top Kills for Block Hunt (bedrock edition):
    1. TimmyP6615-Kills: 50,309//LB pos: 2

    2. UrbanOxymoron- Kills: 39,322//LB pos: 3

    3. YourNewDad33 (BH dad)- Kills: 32,551//LB pos: 1

    4. Liffeonmarss- Kills: 26,478//LB pos: 5

    5. WizardStone6051- Kills: 24,832//LB pos: 12

    6. Sr Alastor- Kills: 20,220//LB pos: 10

    7. LuisGlez3112- Kills: 18,835//LB pos: 11

    8. FluteVegetables- Kills: 12,055//LB pos: 6

    9. LilMissEffumUp- Kills: 11,966//LB pos: 14

    10. about 30 cats- Kills: 8,166//LB pos: 4

    Although this is a mess and updating this is going to be a pain, I really enjoyed making this list and do plan on doing another one of these in the near future. Do note that I will try to update this every month or so. If the thread it too old to be edited, I will simply make a new one with this one linked.

    Block hunters on this list: @UrbanOxymoron @YourNewDad33 @LuisGlez3112 @LilMissEffumUp
    Posted Nov 5, 2019,
    Last edited Mar 24, 2020
  2. How do you see kills
    Posted Nov 7, 2019
  3. TimmyP


    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  4. Send me a friend request on mineplex and I’ll add your kills ;)
    I need you friended with me so I can get your ID
    --- Post updated ---
    With your ID
    Cakewars and I believe turf wars stats are not shown in your stats xd
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  5. TimmyP


    I added you as friend.

    PS how do you get ID? what commands do you use?

    also: SORRY about shifting your original post ;-)
    Posted Nov 8, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 8, 2019
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  6. Done ;)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  7. How do you use the I'd?
    --- Post updated ---
    --- Post updated ---
    Get @SheldonMC 's kills
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  8. Idk if u can see that this is for block hunt only
    --- Post updated ---
    Update: I am going to color code who mains hider and hunter as hunters tend to get more kills than hiders.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 5, 2019
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  9. This is only people you know about, there maybe others that have more kills that are not on the top leaderboard yet.
    Turf wars did have kill count but for some reason it is not showing, I have asked that they include those if possible, they said they would probably do as long as kills are being counted somewhere.
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  10. Yes that’s true. I chose from the top 20 plus a few others who are java edition worthy.
    I did pretty extensive research on this and like I said, more updates will come in the future.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2019
  11. Still. It isn’t 100% accurate. Should just wait until stats come out, wouldn’t want to not show someone that really does have more.
    I would love to see where my turf kills are now. Was over 75,000 over a year ago, back when there was a stat room
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  12. You do make a valid point. Someone that we don’t know about could probably make a top 20 list. I doubt someone would pass the wins of TimmyP, Dad, or Urban as they have so many wins and are very skilled. DanielJean is an example of a non LB player who is on this list. But he is also EXTREMELY good (like java player good) and that’s why I decided to search his stats.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  13. Wins don’t equal kills. Someone can win a game of block hunt and have 1 kill where others can have 8 kills
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  14. Read above
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2019

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