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Two Maps For Showcase & Submission.

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by TalkingParrot, Aug 6, 2019.


What has a more successful chance of being accepted?

Poll closed Aug 13, 2019.
  1. Spring Retreat

    4 vote(s)
  2. Birch Gulley

    2 vote(s)
  1. Birch Gulley - https://imgur.com/a/8t5Ik6s - Like Forest Gully, but it's in a different biome. (Copy Cat)
    Spring Retreat - https://imgur.com/a/Rf7WyfU - The 5th version of this map and I tried to make it look different. (Dragon Escape)

    What do you think?
    Please leave a comment of what I could improve on, or how you think they will be a great addition!
    Posted Aug 6, 2019
  2. wasn’t spring retreat on parcade
    It would be cool if you could put up a video of you doing the parkour so we can see what it’s like.
    Birch Gulley looks really good, I don’t think there’s anything to change.
    Posted Aug 6, 2019
  3. Wow, they look extremely good! I can't see the map Spring Retreat in its entirety but I think that it's also a great map. I'm looking forward to see more of your work in the future :D.

    Posted Aug 6, 2019
  4. I suggest using fancy graphics when taking screen shots, otherwise cool maps :)
    Posted Aug 6, 2019
  5. These maps blew me away!!! both are very well made and I think they both have a good chance of being accepted. I'm making a block hunt map right now and I hope it turns out as well as your maps did.
    Posted Aug 6, 2019
  6. Hey,
    Very nice maps you got here! They are quite detailed and I would love to see them be added in the near future.
    Some feedback:

    Birch Gulley Copy Cat:
    I don't really have too much to say regarding this map. The aesthetics are on point and the map looks very nice. The only thing I would recommend changing would be the birch leaves. Right now, they seem a bit "mushroomy." The same goes for the leaves. I feel like they should look a bit more natural.

    Spring Retreat Dragon Escape
    In this screenshot, I think the terrain should look a bit more natural. You should consider adding more texture and blending the dirt and grass into the island a bit more.
    In this screenshot, I feel like the leaves would confuse some players. Also, it seems like you can skip a lot of that parkour with the leaper kit by running across the leaves.
    Your islands need a bit of work. Especially here. The island should be blended a bit better and should contain some more aesthetics. Right now, it seems very flat and boring.
    As for gameplay, the only real way to give feedback on the parkour is by actually testing the map and doing the parkour with the game mechanics (Douglas).

    Anyways, great job so far!!

    Posted Aug 15, 2019
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