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[Other] UHC Feedback - 08/29

Discussion in 'Beta Game Testing Feedback' started by Hgamer15, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. After a week of UHC being released, I was able to play about 40 games to get a stable viewpoint of the "Remastered UHC", and within those 40 games I noticed some changes and points to bring up, some are abnormal glitches, others are popular opinions of players, and others are subjective decisions. A lot of what I'm going to bring up is something that's already been noticed or discusses, but I figured why not make a post.

    Before I start, I'd like to speak on behalf of the community to say that we all deeply appreciate the decision and time spent on re-adding this game, it's been a topic for the past year and a half, so thank you for the deep consideration.

    Bugs/Unnatural features:
    • Snowballs don't deal knockback
    • Fire Aspect is disabled
    • Horses are disabled
    • Apples don't fall from chopped trees (tree leaves don't decay)
    • Players cannot rejoin while disconnecting
    • Ores randomly appear and replace blocks (Ex. Gold ore may replace stone blocks at any time)
    • Golden Heads heal the same amount of hearts as Golden Apples
    Remastered Gameplay Features (features that have been altered from the original UHC):
    1. Enchanted Tower and Traveling Brewery: These were a very smart and unique decision to be created, as it promotes PvP and makes the game more enjoyable and widespread by including the availability of potions. Adding brewing items to grass droppings were a good gateway to allow the brewery while also disabling the nether. Although one point to bring up is how the potions can get seriously OP, as one team can just camp the brewery, make potions, and steamroll through everyone. Having a regen potion is near close to have a slowed down God Apple.
    2. Day #'s: This is a good way to allow players to get a gauge on the game. It doesn't feel like one long block of time, as it speeds things up and let's the player's know what's going on. Each day is unique and well-thought, except for Day 5. The problem with day 5 is not the lava coming up, but the breaking of blocks at surface level. This creates an insane amount of lag spikes, and a seriously unnatural playing field. The lava is a nice idea to make players come up instead of drawing out the game underground, but with the playing field is slowly deteriorating, it just causes havoc instead of a hype final fight.
    3. Border Damage: The border deals an insane amount of damage when it comes in contact with you, as I think it deals 4-5 hearts every hit. Maybe instead the border deals 1/2 a heart to a heart every second you touch it? This way you don't die to an insanely strong border and gives you a chance to escape. Also maybe the final shrinkage could be chanted to -32, 32, instead of -16,16 so the area isn't so dense.
    4. Teammate Tracker/Player Compass: The teammate tracker was a cool way to stay in touch with your teammate, but sadly in replace, the player tracker compass that's given to you when PvP starts, was removed! The player compass was an absolute staple of Mineplex UHC, and was partially why it was so special compared to other UHC servers, and as a community I'd say a lot of us would agree to have it back!
    5. Ore Spawns: A lot of players have said that they have more luck strip mining for ores compared to finding ores in caves, which is just how the ores are generated, but honestly it's not a bad thing and puts some luck into the game.

    Anyways that's my spheal, right now that's all I can think of, I'd love to hear other people's opinions. UHC has brought back a lot of oldies and nostalgia definitely hit. Hope this helped gauge some perspectives.
    Posted Aug 29, 2020
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  2. Hey gamer!

    I'm on Feedback here, so I'm here to do just that: get your feedback! If I do not mention something we have included it in our report which will be sent out soon.


    Both done on purpose. Fire Aspect can be extremely unfair and is disabled in other games like Skywars. Horses are disabled because of issues with de-syncing.

    If you break the trees and/or use shears you get the apples. However, wanting them to fall naturally is understandable.

    This is part of our anti-xray system.

    Golden heads do not exist. You can use a head in place of an apple to craft a golden apple, but because you get two hearts back when you kill someone, you only get two hearts afterward. It still equals 4. Regardless, is in our report to make it more clear.

    I'm happy you like these! They give a nice twist to the game. OP potions like 8 minutes of speed and strength and 2 minutes of regeneration have been included in our report.

    Glad you like the day system! They are 10 minutes (half a normal Minecraft day) each. The lava is there to get rid of campers down below and the blocks in the air break to get rid of players skybasing. Unfortunately, the latter is a double edged sword since it means that mountains and plateaus are taken out too.

    Agreed it does too much - will be included.

    Have not heard much about this. I get that knowing where your teammate is could be done easier, just haven't heard too many ideas on how to fix that - thank you for providing us one.

    Again, this is because of our anti-xray system we use. If you are in a cave and start breaking some blocks, you're likely to start seeing some ores just as you would when strip mining.

    I do need to leave a note that just because we will forward it does NOT mean it is 100% guaranteed to be included in a post patch. At the end of the day that is up to Development. If you want to discuss this further, you can join either the Mineplex Community Center (MCC) or Mineplex Game Insights (GI Disc) Discords. Let me know if you want to join either, and I can get you invited to them. Enjoy your day, gamer!

    EDIT: Our Feedback Reports we send to Production are sent out publicly in the MCC. You might just see something you said show up in there!
    Posted Aug 31, 2020

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