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[Other] UHC Problems...

Discussion in 'Beta Game Testing Feedback' started by atyre, Sep 1, 2020.


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  1. Hey guys,

    I know that Mineplex UHC had its highs and lows, so I am going to give some feedback and list things that UHC should have.

    Even though these inconveniences exist, I still think that this gamemode is okay, and these are just my thoughts about it.

    1. Turn off Mob AI

    When you are in a game, it is extremely annoying that you also have to focus on mobs trying to kill you. I know it adds a layer of difficulty to the game, but when PvP starts, almost every game that I was in had like a half of people left. I have died twice to a skeleton and almost got killed by a Creeper. It makes the game more enjoyable and makes it less stressful. Some small UHC servers do this and as I said before, made the game more enjoyable. Also, The Server's performance would be up a bit, which is another pro of this.

    2. Fire Resistance or Some kind of PvE protection before Grace Period.

    This is another factor why there are less players when Grace Period is enabled. A lot of people either die to Lava, or to Fall Damage. Now as I said with turning off Mob AI, doing this will make the game less stressful and more enjoyable to play.

    3. More Information to the Scoreboard.

    When the Game starts, under the timer section of the scoreboard, there should be a timer of when Grace Period and Exactly when the next day is. The Day timer that is already in use is very vague and doesn't really help me.

    4. The Border

    They should make the border shrink immediately and not shrink over time. In doing this, they could teleport people inside the World Border so that they should not get killed.

    These are things that can make the game less stressful. People should have the opportunity to fight with people, not to die before even fighting.

    (Also put on the top)
    Even though these inconveniences exist, I still think that this gamemode is okay, and these are just my thoughts about it.
    Posted Sep 1, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 2, 2020
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  2. Sup gamer!

    I'm on Feedback and am here to address some of your concerns.

    We've noted down in a report to Production to reduce skeleton (and/or bow damage). Creepers are fairly easy to avoid, and we haven't noticed anything wrong with them, so our report does not mention that.

    Our report does go over some other methods of iPvP and how we can stop that before the grace period is over, but since lava requires you to walk into it (unless placed by a player, which we have noted), we did not suggest any changes since that would be something a player could easily avoid. Fall damage is in the same situation as lava.

    Gonna have to say that this most likely will not be happening. If we just tp everyone inside the border, that would be extremely unfair to those still mining and give the people rushing a huge advantage since the former would lose their mine. The border is there and we have suggested some solutions to the OP border damage, so hopefully we see those happening.

    I'm happy you enjoy the gamemode and that you're giving us some constructive criticism - we're always down for that. Have a fatalistic day :)
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  3. Hi there atrye!

    First and foremost, I would like to say that you have some very valid points in this post and some good ideas that I as well would like to see implemented into UHC Remastered. As I was reading the post, I can't say that I agree with all of your ideas, but I do agree with most! I am going to go through each idea you elaborated on and give you some feedback.

    Personally, the UHC experience and atmosphere to me is all about challenge. I think turning off the mob AI would make the game less difficult in terms of trying not to lose hearts in grace period. To counter this, they should either make it to where mobs do less damage, or implement a final heal. I have observed while playing that skeletons out of all the mobs are doing an extensive amount of damage, making it hard for players to live throughout grace period.+0.5

    I do agree with this idea. Making it where players can have fire resistance during grace period would be a good addition just because it would reduce the amount of issues we have with gameplay trolling. (Referring to the large amount of players that use lava or FNS to catch people on fire so they can kill them before grace period.) I also think it would be good for newer players to UHC. +1

    I would not be opposed to this idea because the more information the better! Seeing a more organized scoreboard with more information would be beneifical for newer players to UHC. +1

    I disagree with this idea simply because I believe there would be more players that end up dying due to the border and this would also push players more towards 0,0 before PVP. This in turn would overall increase the amount of players that die exactly when PVP is enabled because people would have to move more towards 0,0.

    Overall, to wrap up my feedback on your ideas on UHC Remastered, I like most of your ideas here and I see eye to eye with most of them! I really like that UHC is in the early stages of development because there's so much room for potential! And quite honestly, I can't wait to see what they do with the gamemode within the future. I appreciate you for taking the time to share these ideas and giving UHC Remastered feedback.​
    Posted Sep 2, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 2, 2020
  4. It depends on how the JE server wants to take the game, and these are just my personal opinions, but UHC to me has always had deep roots into the survival gamemode. The first UHC was simply about working together to beat the game. I feel that disabling mobs takes away from the survival experience of the game. This tries to make the game more about just the parts about killing people and less of the survival aspect of the game. UHC should be taking the challenging parts of survival and making them harder, not making them easier. You could imagine making it more hardcore by doubling the damage mobs do to you. Some players would not like this because it could cause less interesting battles since people would have less health. I am sure you could tone down the PvE to the point where it was exclusively PvP, but at that point why not just reenable health regeneration. This might incentivize people to not try and mine forever to try and get gold for golden apples. It could also reduce the effectiveness of bow spamming since you could block up and regenerate health.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
  5. 1 yeah skeleton arrows have done like 2/3 hearts to me at the start of the game, getting hit twice literally forced me to farm a golden apple. However, disabling mob AI takes away a lot from the game. I defo think skeleton arrows should be nerfed, but 100% they should not remove mob AI.

    2 fall damage and lava damage you put upon yourself. I think if a player has placed the lava or fire then, if possible, you shouldn't take damage. But for the most part fall damage is 100% on the user if damage is inflicted on them from the likes of falling.

    3 the scoreboard does look pretty standard, it would be nice to see some more info

    4 shrinking the border immediately is probably not a good idea. if the border is made to tighten up the space then it's fitting to do it gradually. it would also mess people up who were in the middle of things.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  6. Ok, I understand of your guys thoughts too of how turning off Mob AI might make it less about survival. I also agree that it gives the players challenges. I just want mobs to be nerfed so that I could at least enjoy some of the game, maybe lessen the spawn rates a bit for some of the mobs.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  7. 1. There should still be mobs so u get a little more of a hardcorde experience.

    2. Could be nice for digging straight down.

    3. I do agree with this would be nice to know when grace period ends.

    4. Nah It should still shrink under time
    Posted Sep 6, 2020
  8. Great job listing all of the things but still it is a very new game so there are expected to be some changes...
    Posted Oct 1, 2020

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