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Umbreon's Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by xUmbreon, Apr 22, 2021.

  1. I've realized I've never done one of these, and there are probably a ton of you out there who might not know me, so figured I'd (finally) make a formal introduction!

    You may be a close friend of mine, a mentee/previous mentee, have seen me around the forums, or have never heard of me whatsoever, so whatever your relationship is with me, I figured this was long overdue.

    So, hey! I'm Umbreon, but my IRL name is Alex; you can refer to me however you please. My pronouns are she/her and I live in the eastern United States. I'm 18 years old and will be turning 19 this coming November, and I'm a senior in high school. I have been accepted to university in upstate New York and will be attending there this fall! I've met my roommate and I'm incredibly excited to go. I will be majoring in biology, although I probably want to do something more specifically with biotechnology. If I end up really disliking the major, my backup is business.

    On Mineplex, I'm a two-time staff member first joining the team way back in late 2017. In 2019 I was promoted to Staff Management, which I really enjoyed being a part of. I had to resign late 2019 due to school and personal reasons, but I returned in June of 2020; I'm super happy to be working with the staff team again. As of current I am a Mentoring Assistant and a forums team member (both for the second time!). On the forums team, I also work as an Appeals member, which as the name suggests, I help handle punishment appeals. I've been on a plethora of subteams in the past, but these two are the ones I feel are most worth noting. Mineplex is and has been a huge part of my life and I'm super grateful for all the opportunities I've been given. I don't play many games anymore but you can most likely catch me in Nano if I do happen to play.

    In terms of other video games, I mainly play Pokemon (and am really excited for the Diamond/Pearl remakes coming later this year). I also really enjoy a game called Hollow Knight which quite honestly has been the most fun I've had playing a video game in quite some time. I got it a month or so ago and already have exceeded 60 or so hours. I also really like Animal Crossing for the Switch and some other miscellaneous Steam games. If you'd like to swap Switch friend codes feel free to shoot me a message!

    I am also a huge fan of anime, currently my favorite is The Promised Neverland but I also really enjoy others like My Hero Academia and Death Note. I am currently close to finishing Hunter x Hunter and is already probably one of the best shows I've ever watched. I also am trying to finish up the Attack on Titan manga, which I'm really enjoying.

    That's all from me really, it's a shame I never really ever got to post one of these. If you ever want to chat, feel free to shoot me a message!
    Posted Apr 22, 2021
  2. Alexxxxxxx

    Hello! It's awesome that you finally made an introduction! I was wondering who the heck my mentor was smh

    All jokes aside it was realy interesting to learn more about you and find that we have some things in common! (Besides working with/under Sven and being Minecraft nerds)

    I am also a senior in high school, although you are around a year older than me as I'm turning 18 soonish but not yet haha
    I haven't played Hollow knight yet, but I've seen a lot of art and heard the soundtrack and on that front I've already decided it's a beautiful game, so I'll have to try it out!

    Even though I've only been your mentee for a week or so, I can proudly say I'm looking forward to working with you more in the future! Have a great day :D
    Posted Apr 22, 2021
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  3. Hey xUmbreon! (is it ok if I call you Alex?)

    To shortly introduce myself, my name is Brian and it is really awesome to see your introduction! I first met you when I saw your pokemon profile picture. I am proud that you got into the university, and to me, biology was so hard during my undergraduate freshman! However, don't give up on yourself and you can do it!

    Surprisingly, I did not know that you were a senior mod before! It was so sad that you resigned after that, but then I was so proud that you became a moderator for a second time!

    I had never played Hollow Knight and Animal Crossing, but I will try playing these games in the future! Most of my friends played those games (and not just Pokemon haha), and I guess it can be interesting!

    Overall, I am looking forward to your future endeavors, and have a fabulous day!

    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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  4. Hello Umbreon, I have indeed seen you around back in 2019/2020, and awkwardly enough, thats all i have to say, as for me? I watch anime for a living and stab people in bedwars
    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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  5. Scratch that i also play turf wars a little too much for my own good
    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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  6. Tbh everyone I know thought you were a guy, I'm incredibly sorry for that. It's really cool that you're living in New York, that's where the majority of my family are.

    Personally, I live in Oregon and a sophomore in high school. Biotechnology is an amazing area to study, I wish you luck!
    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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  7. AYYYYEEEE Heyya!!!!
    How you doinnnnng. Hahah on a serious note! Glad you finally decided to post an introduction on the forums. Let's everyone around who doesn't know you get to know you. I see you like anime! May I suggest some shorter yet Heart Tugging animes for you? Plastic Memories - 13 Episodes on Crunchyroll sub
    Charlotte - 13 Episodes Crunchyroll sub Funimation dub
    A Silent Voice - 1-2 hr movie on Netflix.
    All these anime are really good and made me shead a tear. I recommend not looking up what they are about or anything along those lines and it makes it more enjoyable to just jump into them.
    Anyway, all around it was really great to get to know you! Glad you made an introduction thread!
    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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  8. As for some good but fairly short animes/mangas, i recommend mushoku tensei (Ill put a disclaimer on this one, in that you may not enjoy it since you're female) and jjk, try simply.moe to watch Attack on Titan and the like, its a new site with mostly new anime(Although it has the classics of shounen in it) and you can watch jujutsu kaisen (jjk) and mushoku tensei and the like there, it has no ads, no lag, and its great if you happen to be watching the anime they feature
    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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  9. Helloooo Alex!

    I'm so happy for you to create your new introduction thread. Although, we already know each other for a while since we first met way back in March 2016, which was in the Spring season haha. I did remember our best friend, @RavenPaw9 introduced to you and her friends for me in the first place. Since we're still close friends, and having you as my Mentoring Assistant twice, it's time for me to re-introduce myself!

    My name is Phamtastic, but you can call me by my IRL name, Ryan. My pronouns are He/Him and I am currently live in the Central United States. I'm 21 years old and will turn 22 next year in March 2022. I'm currently taking an IT (Information Technology) course this year. Right now, I'm in the phase of learning how to troubleshoot computers and providing customer services. Hopefully, I'll start learning about networking for this IT course.

    I've been in the Mineplex community for a longer period of time since I first joined in late December 2013, and later rejoined in September 2014. I bought Hero and Legend rank in 2015. I've been on the staff team for 5 years since I got accepted on January 29, 2016. On May 12, 2019, I got promoted to Forum Ninja (Forum Management), but I later resigned due to personal reasons. The fun fact was that you got promoted to Staff Management on May 7, 2019. That was 5 days before I got promoted to Forum Ninja! I did enjoy my time on the forums team last 2 years ago. I wonder what's my next goal on the staff team? Mineplex did really changed my life when I first joined, and it'll always be my home to me. I used to play games a lot back then, but not anymore as I get too busy with staff duties and outside of Mineplex.

    Of course, I do play video games too! I've been playing Hollow Knight a lot in the past few days, and I still love to play it everyday. I played OneShot as well, and I did beat the game last time; I also played Undertale a while back. Although, I haven't played Animal Crossing for a while, and I do wish if I can play it again one day.

    Finally, I love to watch anime shows everyday. I still enjoy watching the My Hero Academia series, especially reading the manga. I do love to watch any types of Magical Girls series too! I also watch Hunter x Hunter too. I hope I can continue watching when I have more free time.

    That concludes my introduction, and I hope I can talk to you more soon! :D

    Posted Apr 23, 2021
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