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- Weekly Q&A #6 -

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SpectreSai, May 15, 2022.

  1. Hey everyone!
    Welcome back to this week’s Q&A. I hope you had a good week. I enjoyed mine, it was actually yummy birthday :p Anyways summer break is almost here so I’m pretty excited for that!


    This week, only one person guessed who it was, Mothy was here. A lot of people were guessing Inspirqtions but it wasn’t him. In fact, it was AbleToReach, a former micro battle main who now regularly plays CakeWars.

    Enjoy reading!

    1. Who are you?

    Hello I am AbleToReach or also known as oopsie yaxx. I have played mineplex since 2018 and got level 100 in 2022. I mainly played microbattles and cakewars back in 2018-2019 and now I am a cakewars main. I’m a freshman in highschool and one of my favorite sports is soccer. I also like playing rocket league!

    2. Why did you switch from Micro Battles to CakeWars?

    When I mained micro battles it wasn’t much of a grind but just a fun quick game I could play with a bunch of people. In this time I had my own friend group and I also played with other leaderboard players who are no longer here like SheldonMC who is most commonly known. I took a break from minecraft and when I came back I started to grind the leaderboard for Regular cakewars as it was something I wanted. Over time I got more friends and started grinding every day I could to get higher and higher. I love the cakewars community and the grind it comes with. Some people might not like it but I enjoy it.

    3. Which of the 4 CakeWars game mode is your favorite?

    My favorite Cakewars game mode is regular. Regular lets you play with friends and has faster games. In a competitive situation, regular is very intriguing as teams are supposed to shine together and not individually. So you can still win even if you have worse players. Cakewars mega would also be good if it was something like 8v8 or 16v16 instead of duos with more players.

    4. How did you come about to your IGN?

    My IGN was basically from AbleToStrafe’s IGN. When we met he was usniic and I didn’t hang out with him. Then I started hanging out with him and getting closer. One day he changed his name and I always change my name cause I can never stick to one. So after I while I decided to match with him and he even talked about matching with the community in one of his videos. So I changed mine to AbleToReach.

    5. Aside from CakeWars Mega, what is your favorite event game?

    My favorite event game/game that got removed is Gladiators. I remember playing it a lot and it was super fun. It included pvp which is really fun for me and being the last man standing always felt good.

    6. In what way has Mineplex influenced you?

    Mineplex has impacted me in many ways. It has brought me to a community that is fun, not toxic, and has a good vibe. Mineplex taught me that sometimes its not about the grind but its about the vibe. I have met some really cool people along the way and it’s been an enjoyable experience. I do think mineplex lacks small minor fixes that could make the server a whole lot better but I think the reason I have stayed here is because of the community.

    Anything you would like to add?

    Thanks to Spectre for making this! I want to give a special thanks to everyone who has been with me along the way like Net, Inspir, Gillz, and rip to demonkingzplayz for disappearing. Anyways Inspir is bad and I’m also #1 on the voider leaderboard!


    That’s the end of the interview part. I had never actually met AbleToReach before so it was really nice learning more about him and his personal experience on Mineplex


    Here are 2 appreciations:

    Oopsie is awesome, he is kind, helpful and most of all, a fantastic friend. He helped me when I was feeling down, and has a hilarious personality. I love oopsie, he is the goat - AbleToStrafe

    Oopsie's one of the best late game players. He has insane incredible game sense (better than most leaderboard players) - Inspirqtion


    Now I’ll let you guys guess who the next person will be with these two hints! You can either send me a private message here or a DM on Discord.

    Hint 1: This person used to main SkyWars but now mains MicroBattles

    Hint 2: They are top 10 or higher on the Micro Battles leaderboard

    Now this is the end of this week’s Q&A. Have a great next week and see you next Sunday!
    Posted May 15, 2022
  2. Hypelexity or xd Lord lol
    Posted May 16, 2022

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