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What’s your Parkour Tactic?

Discussion in 'Dragon Escape' started by Kindnessaj, Nov 1, 2021.

  1. What's your tactic at beating Dragon Escape, not talking about the abilities themselves but rather the actual parkour. Me I honestly just sprint and jump whenever possible, when I know I might fail at a jump I commonly fail I spend a second more as to not lose the whole game, and I of course look, for the fastest routes. This tends to deem me very effective because if I concentrate on a jump that I normally fail I'll end up having a slightly better chance at doing it, plus it ends up being very interesing. Then of course I make sure to look for the best route possible unless it's deemed a difficult thing for me to do during the parkour, which I won't normally risk because doing so can cost me the game unless I have a warper pearl and hopefully the person in front of me hasn't fallen. Finally, I sprint-jump whenever possible so that in case the person in front of behind me knows the map almost or even as well as I do they have a harder time beating me to the ending of the parkour, which is sort of effective but not always because I tend to accidentally waste some time and when it's an OG map I stand no chance -~-; Though yeah that's what I do, what about you?
    Posted Nov 1, 2021
  2. fail untill i make it
    Posted Nov 1, 2021
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