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What are the best games to level up on MinePlex (excluding the exclusive gamemodes)

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Awesome299, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. If you are looking to gain a lot of xp in a short amount of time, I would say that super paintball is the best game to do so. This is a fast game that can give you up to 400 xp if you get enough kills. Most games are less than a minute long as well. So if you compare that to a game such as bridges or survival games, you will find that you get a larger amount of xp in a shorter amount of time. I personally grinded this game to get from level 70-80 and I got about one million xp in a week. However, that is really hard to do, and you will need a good team to help you.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  2. Hey bro,

    I don't really focus on levels too much (except of course when games like A51 come out), I just play whatever game I like and am best at, then once I keep on playing and become better, it gets to be a lot easier to level up. Personally, I think myself to be pretty good at Cake Wars so I play that a lot. I'm currently level 75 with about 1300 wins and 800 losses (yes it's a really bad ratio but I learned how to PVP with cake wars so i'm not too mad). So overall whatever game you like i'd suggest playing and then when you get good that becomes your most profitable game to level up on. Have a nice day! :)
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  3. Hey there!

    As a level 100 with over 20.2 million global experience earned, I can safely give my opinion on games that give good experience. The first thing to take into consideration is how long the game takes. Longer games generally give more experience, but sometimes the experience is not as good as a shorter game if that shorter game was to be stretched out to the similar length of time the long game was. Take bridges for example! Bridges will secure you 1.1k xp for no kills and a win, for 15-16 minutes of playing the game. Whilst 1.1k xp is a lot of experience, a game such as skywars would give 860 for a win, and the game only takes 4 minutes at the most. Into consideration, skywars would out perform bridges experience wise even though bridges is a larger game with more kills at hand.

    Things to think about during the game to get more experience -
    Longer games
    Winning the game (most important)
    More kills

    As for games that give a lot of experience, this is how much I earn per game with the win:

    Skywars (4-6 minutes) 1.1k xp
    Speed builders (6 minutes) 1.3k xp (based on win and amount of perfect builds, as well as rounds played)
    Super Smash Mobs (2-5 minutes) 680 xp
    Survival Games (8-13 minutes) 1.5k xp
    Bridges (13-20 minutes) 1.4k xp
    Cake Wars (1-15 minutes) 590 - 2.6k xp

    These are the games that I'm absolutely certain of, and obviously there are games such as Minestrike, Block hunt and similar, but I'm not entirely sure of the amount of experience earned from those games. As for Mini games, a win normally gives you anywhere between 200-600 xp, depending on what game it is. A loss in mini games is painful, as it gives as little as 20-100 xp at times.

    Overall, the most important and key factor to levelling up is solely commitment. You will have to play game after game after game after game to eventually level up. Levelling up isn't meant to be easy, which is why there is a tiered system with the coloured levels to show off your level! If everybody was a high level, then surely mineplex would be too easy? You have to commit and dedicate a significant amount of time to grind experience to level up in certain games. Sometimes you may get fatigued, stressed, bored and fed up, but I went through these things to get to the level I am now! if you find yourself getting fed up of earning xp, take a break and come back later, having breaks like you have breaks with revising is another important part of gaining experience.

    Many people have been asking me how to earn experience like I do, and so I will probably make a video about it on my channel. I hope I gave some insightful ideas and suggestions / facts. If I haven't said anything clearly enough, please let me know!

    Posted Oct 15, 2019
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  4. 1. Levels don't matter, don't stress it, don't give it much thought and just play.
    2. Play the games you enjoy the most. Quit playing if it starts to feel uncomfortable or not as fun anymore. Come back when you want to play again.
    3. Make friends to play the games you enjoy playing with. Chat with them while you're playing and time will go by faster.
    4. If you are serious about wanting a big level, make a pre-made team of 4, go all builder and play CW's.
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  5. Heyo!

    So the games I use for leveling up are Cake Wars, Skywars, Survival Games and Speed Builders. This is because they give a lot of EXP per win which is great for leveling up! When you win a game of Cake Wars it usually gives you 1.5 - 2k EXP which is an excellent amount. For Skywars, it gives about 900 - 1.5k EXP per win which is still pretty decent. Survival Games would be about 1 - 1.5k EXP. Finally, Speed Builders is about 900 - 1.5k EXP! Now these aren't all guaranteed, it depends how you do in the game like amount of kills and stuff but that's the amount I usually get when playing those games!

    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  6. I dont really focus on levels much and would rather play SSM, which is fun to me, and I don't care about the xp amount at all. Someone (I wont say who) said that gives like no xp but I still dont mind and I would say Sky Wars gives the highest amount of xp, but remember its all about the fun :)
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  7. Nano games are a pretty good way. If you do well and spend around and hour playing, you can get a full level depending on how high you already are. I am currently at level 46 and I get around 3/4 of a level after every session
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  8. Hello,

    Personally, I believe that Cake Wars, Sky-Wars & Survival Games are the best PvP or Classic games to be able to level up on depending on how good you are with PvP or your knowledge on how to actually play the game. The best arcade games to level up on are Turf Wars, I know some level 100s that have gotten over 80,000 exp just from grinding on turf wars because of their knowledge of the game, achievements completed and have access to every kit available including the achievement kit.

    Secondly, I play Cake Wars to grind my XP but because I'm really bad at the game I'm not able to level up as fast as I wish to. For the limited or exclusive game modes I highly would recommend playing Area51 Raid but that event has ended but you can get a lot of XP from this game. I would also recommend playing challenger Halloween Havoc, you can find forum posts on how to play the game such as what each kit does and you can also read the October Newsletter which you can find in Announcements which assists you on knowing more information about the game.

    Hopefully, this will increase your XP in game and you'll reach level 100 soon!

    Posted Oct 21, 2019
  9. hi!

    Personally, I find playing Skywars and Paintball are the best games to level up. However, if you are not good at them, then don't play them! For me, that means a lot of Cakewars and Domination. There really is no point of playing games if you just want XP and you are not too good at them. Focus on having fun, since it is just a number anyway.
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  10. Heyo,

    That's exactly what I'd say. It's a great explanation and what I think is a great description.

    Have a great day/night,
    Posted Oct 25, 2019
  11. Ok, I been meaning to post on this thread for a while now but a lot of other's have already said the main points. I do want to talk about my personal opinion on the matter. I believe that level's are more of a number and you shouldn't stress over them. Sure you can brag over LV 100 but is it worth the pain of playing games you don't enjoy just to simply achieve that goal faster? It might be yes for some, but it's a definite no for me.

    I recommend to just enjoy your time here on Mineplex and play game's that interests you. I was sorta trying to level up too seriously a while back, but then I realized the missions made me not the play the game how I wanted to, and I would be more frustrated/burned out rather than actually having fun. My personal favorite game on Mineplex is SSM. It's competitive, fast paced and you get decent rewards and XP for it as well. If you like SSM, you probably know it's pretty addicting(at least for me). Maybe, stick to one game? That helps with focus/grind, or you could play a variety of games to prevent being bored! All up to personal preference and mood. In the end, just do what you enjoy and put in some hours everyday and you will achieve your goal in no time at all. Time flies, Adios!
    Posted Oct 25, 2019

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