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Survey What are your favorite games besides MC

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Asteiph, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. GTA V Online and Races would have to be mine.
    Posted Feb 19, 2020
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  2. I don't necessarily play Minecraft as much as I used to anymore. This is probably due to school and in general, not having a lot of time. Games that I play other than Minecraft are League of Legends and Roblox. Those are really the only two. I only get on Fortnite when some of my friends are on, but other than that, just LoL and Roblox. I'm hoping to get back into Minecraft more though, it's given me a lot of great memories.
    Posted Feb 22, 2020
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  3. I currently in love with games made by Paradox like stellaris or eu4. There's also chess, which never gets old.
    Posted Feb 22, 2020
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  4. Used to play Fortnite until it went to complete trash, but sometimes I still play DragonBall Xenoverse 2, (I'm a dragon ball z fanatic). But GTA V I still play sometimes.
    Posted Feb 23, 2020
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  5. My favorite games besides MC would be mobile games I play and Rocket League.
    Posted Feb 23, 2020
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  6. I don’t have a lot of favorites, as you’ll find me mostly playing Minecraft. However, I do enjoy the Call Of Duty games, Roblox, occasionally Overwatch, Halo, and when I was younger I enjoyed the LEGO Games. Personally, the LEGO games are really fun and even though I’ve stopped playing those as a whole, they’re games I’d consider going back to. I do play other games once and awhile but Minecraft will always be my #1 favorite :)
    Posted Feb 23, 2020
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  7. I use to play a lot of Clash of clans until I got bored of it, I also play a lot of Mario bros on switch and I played a lot of GTA IV on PS3. I also used to play GTA SA on ps2. The cheat codes were real back then.
    Posted Feb 23, 2020
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  8. Lots of Nintendo games like Zelda, my switch is the only other console I have.
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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  9. Hiya!

    My favourite games other than Minecraft are pretty Nintendo based for the most part because I'm a mega Nintendo nerd :))

    - Zelda: Breath of The Wild
    - Zelda: Skyward Sword
    - Zelda: Wind Waker
    - Super Mario Bros
    - Mariokart Wii
    - Mariokart 8
    - Super Mario Oddessy
    - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
    - Friday the 13th: The Game
    - Halloween: The Game
    - Octodad

    The game I'm most looking forward to being released is Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2! Words cannot describe how excited I am for that game
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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  10. There are some of my favorite games that I love to play outside of Minecraft. Most of them are Nintendo Switch games!

    -Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    -Zelda: Breath of The Wild
    -Super Mario Oddessy
    -Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    -Splatoon 2
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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  11. Heck yeah! I can't say for sure how long I've been playing, but I think it's been 10+ years (?). All I know is I started playing before Zafaria came out. I've always loved the game, especially the world design and music. If I have absolutely nothing to do on a rainy day then W101 is usually my go-to game for at least an hour or two. Looking forward to the next world / arc, but until then I figured I'd start a new character for the fun of it.

    Aside from that and Minecraft, my main games are Guitar Hero (of course), osu!, Yu-gi-oh, and at one point Evolve Stage 2 (rest in peace, you were great).

    Guitar Hero has always been a favorite for me ever since I first played it shortly after its popularity peaked. Played it literally every day for hours if I could. Unfortunately I got to what I considered 'pro level' right as it died out. Shortly after that I swapped over to osu! because of a GH Youtuber named TobeGH3. I admired him highly for his skills, so seeing him move from GH to anything else gave me enough reason to consider the new game. I bounced around the modes for a while, finally settling on specializing in osu!catch with standard and mania as alternative modes whenever I need a break. Still play it a lot but also trying to get back into GH, now called Clone Hero. Can't get the feel of the controller back though, so I just stick with keyboard style. I don't think I'll ever get back to the level I used to be at. Both games are lots of fun for anyone that enjoys rhythm games.

    Yu-gi-oh is basically the same story. Loved it a lot, dropped out for a while because of link monster format. Trying to get back into it but can't get any footing without dedicating way too much time to it.

    Evolve Stage 2; not much to say here other than it was a great year of my life. Popularity died out so the servers were shut down in 2018 I think, but during the one year up to that point I was introduced to the game and then quickly became one of the best players. (Might be presumptuous of me, but I'm saying top 20 easily.) Not hard to do when you've only got 300 people to compete against to be honest. Still though, I'm proud of my rise to the summit before it died for good. Made some great friends along the way as well.
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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  12. I also play fortnite. Sometimes if I have nothing to play I play growtopia. I do mostly play Minecraft W10 edition and Java.
    Posted Feb 24, 2020
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  13. Although Minecraft is the main game that I do play, there are some other games such as GTA V, Runescape and Test Drive that I will occasionally play in order to avoid doing productive things.
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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  14. I really like to play FIFA with @Im_Ken :sigils:
    Additionally, I enjoying playing Rainbow 6, GTA and call of duty zombies!
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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  15. Besides Minecraft, I would say there are only 3 other games I enjoy playing from time to time.

    The first one would be Terraria. Funnily enough, the first time I played Terraria was actually on mobile. Now, the game used to be quite different as it had a lot of exclusive content like enemies or items that didn't exist on Steam/GOG versions back then. So playing it the first time on PC was a brand new whole experience to me. Honestly, I love how the game is so much open and how there are so many things you can do and explore within the game's world. With over 600+ items, it's definitely one of the best sandbox games I ever played. I think I finished it around 10+ times in the normal mode, though I never got to finish it on expert mode. I think I got around pre-plantera one time but I just kinda gave up from there. I'm definitely looking forward to try and replay it once the new and last update comes out!

    Next up would have to be definitely the half-life franchise. I've been basically growing up on this game and I have so many great memories of it. I played all of the games. From the original expansions to pack to half-life 2 episodes. What I like so much about half-life is how it basically changed the whole gaming community ever since it's original release. The game won a countless amount of awards and I believe it's still on the list of best selling PC games out there. Personally, I love the effort that was put into making the game's environment and the rich storyline that the game provides. I'm really glad Valve is looking to revive this beloved franchise once again by releasing a new VR game this year. While sadly I won't be able to get my hands on it because I don't have any VR headset, there's also a remake of the original game in works for almost 15 years now called Black Mesa and the full version is finally getting released in a week so I can't wait to try the full version out!

    And finally, my most favorite game would have to be Cobalt. Cobalt is actually a game published by Mojang and I got around to it a year after it's initial release. Honestly, it's a shame how much it is underrated as I absolutely love almost everything the game has to feature. It's a 2D platformer that features a unique game mechanic where time slows down when you're near bullets, grenades or basically everything that could potentially kill you. Because of this, you can do really some sweet combos or even deflect bullets by rolling or rockets by punching them (How awesome is that?!). The game also features multiplayer with 4 gamemodes, a full campaign mode, tons but TONS of weapons and other gadgets like jet shoes or belt shields and so much more! I really love the game and I never thought I could have so much fun from a 2D platformer.

    In the end, I still enjoy playing Minecraft the most even after playing it for 7 years and I'm looking forward to trying out Minecraft Dungeons when it releases in April this year! I've seen the trailer and I'm excited to see what more things Mojang has in store for us!
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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  16. Oh my gosh, I have a ton of games I enjoy outside of Minecraft. My bestie @Tripsy already said that FIFA is definitely one of my favourites (I reckon that I could beat him too!)

    Other really fun games are Red Dead Redemption 2, the Batman Arkham Series, R6S, OW, Hitman 2, Clash Royale, and the list goes on...

    You have no idea how happy I was to read this. I LOVE Dragon Ball too, and Xenoverse 2, remains to this day, one of my favourites (I'm a max level Saiyan with all transformations unlocked, all DLCs, and all PQs and Master missions completed). I also like Dragon Ball FighterZ, and most recently I've been playing a ton of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (I'm on the final fight of the main story).

    I would call myself a pretty avid gamer, and outside of Minecraft there are plenty of other games I enjoy.
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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  17. Game on!
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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  18. Prepare to take an L buddy.
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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  19. Error 404, L does not exist.
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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  20. Yo!
    When it comes to games outside of MC, I don't really have a wide range of games that I enjoy, however, I do have a few such as:
    • Mario Kart
    • Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii)
    • Classic board games such as Monopoly with @BeeInc :angryyoda:
    However, I am looking into getting a new console to explore other games out there so this thread was a good way to collect game ideas.
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
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