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What new changes are there?

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by TatorCheese, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Title. I haven't played BH for real in like 3 months. And before you mention, here's what I do know of the changes for the few hours I played.

    New map. Trash design but good decor.
    Can't see killfeed. BS if you ask me.
    Water kills like 4x as fast so you can not have ANY error when doing parkour to run away
    Invisible blocks were removed in Riverwood tree spot (thank god for that)
    So what other changes has there been? Like I said, haven't played for real in over 3 months.
    Posted Mar 3, 2019
  2. Welcome back!

    There haven’t been a lot of changes in BH recently. The Lylinore forest map got added. Gameplay wise it surely isn’t the best but the aesthetics aren’t bad.
    Kill feed is a bug that should have been patched in an update on the 1st of March... I’ll investigate that but it’s not normal.
    Idk if they changed anything to water, maybe ages ago it was slower at killing you, but I didn’t notice anything special recently. It might be just me tho!
    Yep, they removed rw tree barriers after we all complained about about it!
    More recently, apparently they ‘fixed the spring halo and holiday tree particles working in spectator’. As you may know, these ones used to work in BH, but I’m afraid they don’t anymore... :(

    That’s basically it for BH specifically! Other than that there is the major update with the new hub & queueing system for games! Now, when you chose a kit from any team you directly queue for this team! /kit is also a thing now, and during the first seconds of the game you can change your kit using it (ofc you can’t change team at that point).

    That’s all the major stuff I can think of!

    Posted Mar 4, 2019

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