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What piercings do you have? What piercings do you want?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Loofii, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Heyo! I don't know about y'all, but I'm a huge fan of piercings, particularly ear piercings. One of my dearest friends has a beautiful set up on both ears and it's one of my dreams to have well decorated ears. As of right now, I don't have all that many piercings. I have my septum pierced, my left tragus pierced, my left conch pierced, and two lobe piercings in each ear. The theme I'm going with in my piercings is green / emerald gems to contrast with my red hair. The stones in my lobe piercings are white, but the ones in my tragus and conch are emeralds. My septum piercing is just a metal horseshoe barbell, but I intend to swap it out for an emerald-gemmed piece.

    As for the future... oh, boy, do I have plans! One thing holding me back is my anatomy, as I am ineligible for both a rook piercing and an industrial, but I'm not lettin' that keep me down. On both ears, I would like to have multiple flats and helix piercings, and I intend to swap out my conch stud for a ring that goes around the outside of my ear when it is fully healed. I would also like to get my third lobes pierced, and maybe an anti-tragus on my left ear. On my right ear, my number one dream piercing is a daith piercing. I don't know what it is about them, but I absolutely adore them. Alongside the daith, I intend to get a forward helix as I think those are incredibly elegant.

    What piercings are y'all interested in getting? What ones do you have? What ones would you never get?
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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  2. I have 2 nose piercings (my favorites!), two lobe piercings on each ear, and I have plans for many many more. My mom always had her eyebrow pierced, so in honor of her, I'll be getting that soon. I also want my septum, bellybutton, smiley, and many ear piercings done in the future! Getting pretty, sparkly jewelry is definitely my favorite part of having piercings :)
    Posted Apr 6, 2020

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