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What's your Dream Job?(If This Does Not Apply What Peaks your Interest?)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kindnessaj, Oct 22, 2021.

  1. Damn that goes deep.
    Posted Oct 24, 2021
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  2. It's changed a lot for me over the past few years, but right now I have my heart set on community and event management for the eSports industry. It's still a very niche area but with the ever growing popularity it means it's now a viable career. As cheesy as it sounds I'm doing something that I will get up each morning and look forward to regardless of what others may think ^^
    Posted Oct 24, 2021
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  3. Hi there!

    I would absolutely love to work at a car wash. I love cars a lot and I think it would be amazing to clean them as a job!!
    Posted Oct 25, 2021
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  4. Something with structural design, this pathway was solidified when I went to state finals in Science Fair with a project on Architectural design/geometry
    Posted Oct 25, 2021
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  5. same
    Posted Oct 26, 2021
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  6. my goal in life is to have fun and be happy
    Posted Oct 26, 2021
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