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What's your favorite thing to do during school break times?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Vocaloiid, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. As a junior in high school, I have tons of break time everyday since I only have 2 classes each day. For anyone who gets break periods during school, what do you enjoy doing during them? For me I enjoy playing Super Smash Bros against my freshman geography professor, browsing the news, or reading a good book.
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
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  2. Honestly there isn’t much to do at my school during break time. We’re not allowed on the computers or anything like that. I mostly just sit in the upstairs restaurant area with my friends and talk, or, we’ll head to the common room and just go on our phones (since that’s the only place that phones are allowed lol).
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  3. Hey,

    I don’t have much break time since I have 7 lessons a day, so I only get two smaller breaks during the day. During my breaks, I just eat some snacks and chat with my mates. I also check the Mineplex forums and see what’s going on, and sometimes I’ll reply to threads and check my alerts.

    If I had longer breaks like you, I’d do my homework so I have none at home, I’d play some Mineplex, and probably just chill with my friends and just have a good convocation with them - I‘ll always take the opportunity to get to know my friends better. I do know that next year I may get a few more breaks, and the year after (Year 12), I get even more. We call them “free lessons” over here in Australia. Great post idea anyway, I look forward to seeing the replies!!
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  4. During school break times I love to play video games, sleep, eat, and play golf. During breaks I don't go outside much and I just play video games for hours on end. Sometimes though, I hangout with my friends at the mall. I don't get many breaks throughout the year; just a really long summer and so I take advantage of every break I get. If I am behind on homework, I always try and catch up.
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
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  5. During breaks iin-between classes or like summer, spring, etc breaks?
    In-between classes I do whatever my friends feel like doing whether they feel like being wrecked by me in chess(I am easily the unofficial chess champion of my school) or they feel like wrecking me in basketball, or they feel like having an equal playing field in volleyball(we all suck at volleyball lol) or gagaball(we are all gods at gagaball lol). There are a lot of fun sports we can do during breaks(and yes chess is considered a sport by the IOC). For long gaps in-between classes I work on homework early.
    During week or longer breaks I just play minecraft and roblox all day :p
    Posted Sep 16, 2019
  6. I don’t really have any breaks during the school day, I take all 6 classes at my high school so during the day I’m always in a small scramble. During the one break I have at lunch I usually just chill with my girlfriend and talk for a bit since I don’t get to see her that often during the day. If I had longer I would most definitely play some Mineplex or Super Smash Bros, I’ve been working at trying to get better at the game so I’ve been spending probably TOO much time playing. Anyways, love the concept of the thread and I’m interested in reading some of the other responses!
    Posted Sep 16, 2019
  7. From my experience, I don't have anything to do during a break at the high school and middle school. All I did was talking to my friends. Talking to my friends was one of my options because I don't have anything to do when I was a Senior two years ago.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  8. One of my favourite things to do is just have days to myself. I think people really should just have a day where it's all about them and others shouldn't be involved. You discover a lot about yourself and what you are like. You can still talk to your friends, just not see them on this one day. However, I love to see my friends, go to the beach or their house or the movies and just chill out!
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  9. That would be Ping Pong. We do have Ping Pong tables, but there's always some people who just hide the rackets.... But it is balls there, so what we usually do, is eaither playing table tennis with our phones (it actually works a bit), or playing exploding kittens (a card game).
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  10. Hey,

    Soo I live in the UK, which means I'm not allowed to use a mobile device whilst in school. Due to this, I usually hang out with friends or go in the library to play some games or do homework. There's nothing of importance to do really at break/lunch time for me.

    Have an awesome day!
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  11. Hey!

    So I have a total of two breaks/spares (including lunch) this semester. My spare is right before lunch, so I have two hours without classes. Most days I'll just go home and chill out, watch some Youtube, or browse the forms. Other days (mostly Fridays) I go out for lunch with some friends that have the same spare as me. I'm quite ironically writing this post on my break!
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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  12. Feels bad. We can
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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  13. Hi

    My school has very strict policies on what we are and aren’t allowed to do on the school grounds (they have drawn blue lines around the school and once you are inside those lines you have to obey school rules). Anyway, at break I’m limited to paying £2.50 for a very small bacon and cheese bagel, find a place to sit in the canteen and talk to my friends!

    I can’t *stand* in the canteen, oh no, then I get told to “sit down or go outside”. I can’t take my bagel outside because we aren’t allowed to have any sort of food outside- whether it had litter attached or not (which my bagel does not). I’m not even allowed to stay in a classroom to talk to my teachers. We aren’t allowed to the library without a library pass which costs £5 but yet they still force us in there for one English lesson a week. I can’t go to the toilet most of the time because for some odd reason my school has a 1 person per BATHROOM rule. Not one per cubicle, but one per room full of many cubicles ???

    So I can forget about my phone, or anything fun. But at least I have my friends.

    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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  14. Hey there!

    It's interesting to see the UK people here say that their schools don't allow them to use phones during break or lunch. That's weird because at my school you're allowed to do that (as long as you are in the sixth form, like me).

    However, I usually get some food from the canteen, play a game of football, do homework in the library or just chat with friends during my break time and lunchtime. Sometimes, if I have a free period, I may leave the school site altogether, and then go home and watch Netflix, before making it back to school with just minutes to spare for the next lesson xD

    Oh, and as @neotheater perfectly stated, #welovetheuk
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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  15. Dying on the inside
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  16. Hey,
    During break times at school (which is once a day, for lunch) I usually go to "the sacred tree" which is just an old oak tree that my friends and I go to almost every lunch. If I'm not at the tree, I'm with some of my other friends at one of their houses, and we sit, eat, play with the dog and talk before going beck to school. Sometimes my break is longer because of my spare, in which case I just get to chill with friends for longer. :))
    So yeah, that's what I do during school break.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  17. During my spare breaks, I have multiple things I can do! I can either
    A) Go to the local shop and eat too much chocolate
    B) Book a practice room to go and practice my music in!
    C) Chill in the Mac Suite
    D) Go home! Sometimes my day is only a few hours long, so I go in at 10:00 Am and leave at 12:00 Pm :)!

    There isn't a rule for phones at my college in the UK, so I can be on my phone whenever I want to, whether that's during lesson or in between lessons!

    I hope you are all having a wonderful day :)

    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  18. Usually just play on my phone and text people and or listen to music.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  19. I hang out with friends and classmates sitting at a table or near one of our lockers.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  20. Dont worry, you guys aren’t the only ones not allowed to have phones. At my American private school we can’t have em either lol
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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