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What's Your Ideal Staff member/Moderator?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kindnessaj, Aug 6, 2022.

  1. So you're familiar with Mineplex's moderators and staff team I see, but what features are the most appealing in them? What makes you think a staff member is absolutely great at their job, or just makes them amazing? Is it due to their drive? Is it due to their willingness to answer questions? The list can go on so much! Which begs the question what you like in one? It can be for a moderator or any rank really, just write it down below! Personally? I like someone a bit like me, someone who's an absolute workhorse, or really does a lot to be well at their job, but yeah that's just me, what about you?
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
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  2. Friendly and active, handle situations well.
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
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  3. Dutty once summed it up pretty well for me-the kind that doesn't spend all day idling in lobbies or Staff-1
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
  4. Someone who doesn't treat themselves as above the players just because they're staff, and interacts with them as a fellow community member while enforcing the rules in a friendly manner :)
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
  5. Someone who is patient with every player - old or new. Someone who is also kind and treats themselves as if they are on the same level as the player. Furthermore, one that is a warm person who loves to talk with others!
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
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  6. Even though I’m a staff member myself, I’d say that my ideal staff member would be someone that is active in all three main aspects of the community (in game, forums, discord) and still acts like a member of the general playerbase. They shouldn’t behave as though they are better than others just because they have three orange letters before their name. Staff members should also be willing to always help people, no matter if they’ve already reached their quota or just want to play the game they’re in.
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
  7. A staff member that looks at situations contextually and analyses them case by case, not with some form of robotic rulebook applied equally and with little tolerance of basic human empathy.

    Also someone who is very critical in punishment: As in takes time to analyse every case (especially /reports)
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
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  8. Going to answer this question even though I am currently Staff on the Server. My ideal Staff Member/Moderator is one that not only invested in helping the community in any way possible, but someone who is passionate about the server as a whole. Unfortunately, Community members do not see a lot of what we go through behind the scenes. To remain passionate, patient and positive is a significant piece in being Staff here on Mineplex. (Even through the negative moments) -- I'd be lying if I said every moment as a Staff Member is positive, but I firmly believe that the positive easily outweighs the negative. In addition to these key characteristics, as many others have pointed out in their posts above, I feel that a Staff Member should feel equal and no more than another player. We are given great responsibilities within our roles, yes, but it does not make us any better than you, or any other player in that matter. The community makes the Network and that includes both Staff and Players. I will lastly mention that I believe a Staff Member should be both casual and professional and know the balance between both.
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
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  9. @DaPBillk . Dap is my ideal staff member.
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
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  10. I think the ideal staff member would be someone who's laid back. They do their job, does a bit of moderation and question answering, but someone connected with the community. Someone who's open with their opinions, but knows how to bring them up properly without causing conflict, and someone who sees all sides of a situation.

    I haven't played actively in a while, but that's what I think :P
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
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  11. I don’t interact with staff very often but I make threads every now and then, the staff always very chill when responding and they’re cool people!
    Posted Aug 12, 2022
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  12. Yeah they really are! Heck even when I was in the staff team myself they never cease to amaze me, the staff team is just absolutely magical!!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 12, 2022
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