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Why did mineplex take away super paintball?

Discussion in 'Super Paintball' started by Jakesy_, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. I've been playing this game for at least three years and when they took away super paintball I stopped playing mineplex. If they bring it back they could get players back but for me I enjoyed the short quick matches and not so pvp combat depenedency. I for one am not that good at pvp combat which paintball was able to fill the void. So if someone (admin preferably) could explain to me the reason behind the change and if they would bring it back that would be amazing.
    Posted Nov 24, 2018
  2. Super Paintball isn't actually fully removed from the network, it no longer has it's own dedicated servers, however, you can still play the game along with others in player servers and during Mixed Arcade. In addition to this, this game was also recently featured in the regular vote for the recently brought back feature called Classics Cow. Every now and again, players are more than welcome to vote from a selection of games on a poll that can be found on the network's official discord. The game with the highest amount of votes will receive it's own dedicated servers for a little while.

    Now for the reasoning behind the removal of the game's dedicated servers. Super Paintball wasn't the only game that this happened to, it also wasn't a decision that was made overnight. A lot of discussion and thought went into it before the final decision was reached. Unfortunately, the game (along with others), didn't have the popularity to actively fill their dedicated servers - meaning games weren't starting and the servers were unused. If you weren't aware, each dedicated server costs money, meaning because these servers weren't being used regularly enough, this resulted in a net-loss for the network. Due to the removal of these unused servers, the money that was being put into them for no reason, can now be used for future updates for games that have the popularity, as well as any other project that the team might decide to do in the future.

    It wasn't a decision in which they could keep everyone happy - I'm sure if they could've, they would've. What many players fail to realise is that Mineplex isn't just a block game server, it's a business. If you were in their position (as in running a business), would you continue throwing money into something that isn't being used? Would you be satisfied if you seen how much money was going into these unused features when you could be redirecting that money to something else that would be more successful? These are the sort of questions the players who disagree with the decision need to ask themselves, in my opinion.
    Posted Nov 24, 2018
  3. It simply wasn't getting enough players so they moved it as well as a lot of others games to Mixed Arcade.
    Posted Nov 24, 2018

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