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In Discussion Winner Picks

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Landon, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. In most MPS servers hosts do "winner picks" where the winner of a game gets to pick the next game. My idea was that this could be implemented into Mixed Arcade. There could be a "Mixed Arcade Winner Picks" game type where the first game would be random but the winner of that would have 30 seconds to a minute to pick the next game (auto pick for them if they are AFK or take too long). I think this would give an extra incentive for the player to win the game as they'd have the power to play what they want as most arcade games individually don't have many or any players playing them (example if you wanted to play something that has no players, you could play a Winner Picks and win then pick your game).
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
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  2. It wouldn't be mixed if you could choose the next game. I don't know if they still have the voting system in mixed arcade where you can vote for the next game, but if they don't, that'd be a much better addition than adding winner picks.
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  3. Don't really like this idea. I kinda like Mixed Arcade being completely random, if this were implemented a really good player or a party of good players could keep winning and choosing the same games over and over again.
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
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  4. I don't like the idea of giving players unlimited control of what game is played next. I feel like on a live game where stats apply this will be too great of a downfall for the losers of the game and this would just ruin it for most other players sadly. I like the thinking behind it but sadly this just would not be practical for the server!

    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  5. I'm not a major fan of this idea as it would seem unfair to a lot of players and defies the point of Mixed Arcade, which is to participate in a rotation of different games, with some appealing to certain players and others not so. This allows for players to have an equal opportunity in playing the game they like in particular once it eventually comes around and this idea would be limiting. If you wish to put it in practice you can simply invite players to your MPS or host a mini community event, as for the most part I think it would benefit players on the higher end of the scale rather than the lower. New people may not have a chance to discover the game they are best at if there are groups of people or individuals continually winning who will pick the same game over and over again. This won't be the case with some, but it's for sure that many would do so.

    I can see where the idea stemmed from and it can work well in MPSs, however I don't think it would be as effective outside of this. The primary reason is the possibility of players exploiting this option and this has to be considered, as there is quite a diverse community and we can't ascertain that not everybody would do this. You could try tweaking this concept as there may be potential for it somewhere, but right now I would say it isn't feasible. Keep up the good work though!
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  6. I have to disagree with the idea as well. There was an update in December that made Mixed Arcade cycle through all games rather than randomly selecting the next game. I don't see this happening anytime soon especially with this update since players have asked for it. I've been enjoying this update as it gets you to experience every single bit of the game through experiencing all the games that it has to offer. I can also see a player that is good at a certain game under Mixed Arcade abusing this feature that would keep on picking the same game right after the other. This can cause players to be angry as they can't play certain games that are under Mixed Arcade.

    I can see why this would be a great addition if it was a group of friends but I don't think it would be a nice addition to the network. I think it can stay within an MPS with a group of friends rather than having an actual feature that allows this. It would also take a bit of time to design this feature as it wouldn't be a simple "type the game that you want to have next in chat"; there would have to be some type of GUI that comes up that'll allow the player to pick a certain game. Overall, I think this should stay within an MPS rather than making it an actual feature under a certain game such as Mixed Arcade.
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  7. I do like this idea but I do feel like if this was implemented the same few games would be selected over and over and would ruin the fun. I think a way to counter this is to only allow the winner to pick periodically. It would still give players the incentive to win because they never know when they'd be able to pick a game.
    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  8. Heyo!

    I agree with @THELichCA here, I don't see a need to add this in. There was a Mixed Arcade update a while ago where Mixed Arcade where it would circle through all games and like @Oscaros_ stated, I don't feel like giving players control to pick the next game in Mixed Arcade would be a good thing for a public server. Someone who's really good at a game that is randomly picked at the beginning could just keep picking that game and winning while other players stats are affected too. I don't see a need for this, thanks for suggesting it though. -1

    Posted Feb 16, 2020
  9. Yo!

    I have to agree with the others here as their reasoning for not approving of this is pretty straight-forward and accurate of my thoughts on the suggestion.

    At first glance, this might seem nice to you because you'd be able to pick out a specific game for you to play with your friends in Mixed Arcade, but the problem is this would become very abused by the more-skilled players at a specific gamemode, as they could just constantly win and pick the same game, therefore defeating the whole Mixed aspect of the game.

    Also, a major point people have given is the party issue for it. A huge group could just be all friends and could make a general consensus to pick a certain gamemode if one of them wins, and depending on how large the party is, this could greatly effect the outcome of the winner picking as well.

    I suggest playing in an MPS with your friends if one of you has a rank capable of making it if you want to do winner picks. Yes, I know that you wouldn't get experience which might be one of the reasons you want it added to Mixed in the first place, but I believe the winner pick option belongs solely in MPS and not in live games on the server.
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
  10. Yeah, I disagree with adding something like this to mixed arcade. It just wouldn't work well with a rotation based gamemode, and might end up with the same games being played over and over. It would be better suited staying in mps type games. It's fine in MPS because players don't get stats from it, but in a normal server I just disagree with it. -1
    Posted Feb 19, 2020
  11. Basically agree with Bunni. Doesn't fit the rotation styled play and while I'm not opposed to the ability to play as many OITQ games as I want, I think the result of this would just be a lot of dead Mixed Arcade lobbies as people would continue to win the same few games over and over again.
    They don't and good riddance.
    Posted Feb 19, 2020

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