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Winter Holiday Update (12/07/2018)

Discussion in 'Update Changelogs' started by BlueBeetleHD, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Oscaros_


    This update sounds and is really great! I am really hyped to see all the new additions, and all the wintery lobbies and Christmas Chaos. I think the server has turned out really well for Christmas, and I hope everybody enjoys it a lot :)​
    Posted Dec 15, 2018
  2. Magitroopa


    Please do fix Christmas Chaos, the spiders at the cobblestone make it 100% impossible to beat now.
    Posted Dec 19, 2018
    streetbump likes this.
  3. streetbump


    Posted Dec 19, 2018
  4. ugghava


    The Update is absolutely incredible, for one, I'm enjoying the Nano Games. Christmas Chaos is amazing, very entertaining and makes a player want to keep playing. Keep up the great work!
    Posted Dec 25, 2018
  5. Zorteh


    A really interesting and cool update! Thanks for letting us know! Have a great day! :) [​IMG]
    Posted Jan 3, 2019
  6. Pancake_7


    This was quite a fantastic update! It was interesting to see different holiday games this year, rather than the traditional. Christmas Chaos 2.0 was really unique and fun, although I hope to see a harder boss next year. Thanks for the update!
    Posted Jan 3, 2019
  7. Saigul2


    Excited to see the old hub :D
    Posted Jan 11, 2019

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