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In Discussion Zoo Simulator

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by T1FFANY, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Apart from other games on Mineplex that are revolved around Player vs Player, Minigames, etc.., I was thinking of a platform where players will be able to create and build their own zoos. They would have to get coins by playing other games on Mineplex to collect coins (or any other currency) to get various animals (preferably on 1.14 when it comes out) for their Zoo. Players will be able to view other's and vote for the best zoo of the month (maybe winners would get featured on the website, get special titles, etc). After a season (every month) Players will be given another plot to build their new zoo to be the next best Zoo. However, if they want to play casually and no competition, they will also be able to have a choice to not participate. So yeah! This is basically just the theme of this game idea. This was just an Idea, and any comments are welcome! Thanks!
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
  2. Hey!

    Although I do like the idea, I don’t believe it would fit in with Mineplex; let me explain. First off, it sounds too much like master builders/ “build wars” and clans. However, I do agree with the need of having a game that’s not so much on the player vs player side; prison would be a cool game. I like the concept but I’m going to have to give this one a -1

    Posted Mar 22, 2019
  3. Interesting concept, but it sounds like a more profitable gamemode would be a Housing style gamemode, like on the Bedrock server. Instead of players needing to make a Zoo, they could build whatever they want. This includes zoos, skyscrapers, offices, restaurants, it's up to the player. This would give people many more options than a zoo simulator.

    I don't see how this gamemode is anything like MB or Clans. MB is a short building game, and this is a permanent style idea, the only thing in common is that you can build. The only thing in common with Clans is that it's a long-term gamemode.
    Posted Mar 22, 2019
  4. This is definitely a unique idea! I really like how much you've thought it out, but I don't think it would fit in very well when it comes to other games on the server. Mineplex revolves mainly around mini-game type games with the exception of Clans, and I feel like adding more long term type games would split the player base even more. It would be kind of similar to adding game modes like SkyBlock or Prison, which may sound promising in theory, but when it comes down to it it may not fit in very well.

    That's just how I personally see it though. Interesting concept!
    Posted Mar 22, 2019
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  5. Hey there!

    Your idea is unique and I like it in many ways. However, I will abstain from making any opinions of whether such an idea should be implemented or not. You make your idea particularly vague, which isn't necessarily bad, as it leaves room for further extensive ideas. However, I feel as though your idea is lacking depth and could be further explained.
    Simply put, this sounds a lot similar to other pre-existing gamemodes or minigames, with a slight twist. I would like to hear your take on how you would like to make this more unique or further expand on the idea. Overall a decent idea with some creativity and thought put into it, however, lacks depth and needs more variance to it.

    Hope my feedback helps! :)
    ~ Shotty
    Posted Mar 22, 2019
  6. Absolutely! I fully understand that this game would not very much likely be fitting for Mineplex in general and even if I were to view this game idea in your guy's pov, I would think the same. Thanks for your Responses!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 22, 2019
  7. A unique idea for sure, but like a few people have already said I really don't think that it would fit with Mineplex as a whole. I'm also not sure how interested people would be in it seeing as it's a whole other concept. The voting thing could turn very bias with friends voting certain players zoos to easily get rewards. I would like to know a bit more about the making a zoo part of it and what it entails though.
    Posted Mar 22, 2019
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  8. Heyo!

    I love this idea, it's very unique, but like some previous users said...do you really think this would work for Minecraft? I mean yes...I do love this idea, and I'm currently debating whether I should give you support or no support. Like Sniper said, this is similar to Master Builders / "Build Wars," as well as clans. Although, I do think some players will be on the fence with this. But like I said, I don't think this will just fit into Mineplex.

    I'm curious to see what other players have to see about this idea, if anyone can convince me to change my mind on this (I don't think I will) I'm going to have to give this a -1 just because it wont fit into Mineplex, and like BuySomeApples said, it's similar to adding games like SkyBlock, and Prison.

    So, well, I'm going to leave it at that...but you seem like you have very interesting ideas, keep up the great suggestions. Very interesting concept, but like I said it's a -1 for me.

    ~Pitato, thanks! :)
    Posted Mar 22, 2019
  9. Hey!

    This surely is a very unique idea but as said above, I don't think it would fit into the community. Mineplex already has a game based on this concept, Master Builders, which is pretty similar excepting the zoo theme and the game time. It would also require players to play on higher versions in order to have more animals available and I doubt that players will change their versions for this kind of game.

    Have a great day! <3
    Posted Mar 22, 2019

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